WWE BackLash 2018 Review


Star Ratings:

Seth Rollins defeats The Miz to retain the Intercontinental Championship @ 20:30 ****1/2

Nia Jax defeats Alexa Bliss to retain the RAW Women’s Championship @10:17 **

Jeff Hardy defeats Randy Orton to retain the US Championship @11:48 **1/2

Daniel Bryan defeats Big Cass @ 7:45 **1/4

Carmella defeats Charlotte to retain the SD Women’s Championship @10:04 **

AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura for the WWE Championship ends in KO @ 21:09 ***

Bobby Lashley and Braun Strowman defeat Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn @ 8:50 *1/2

Roman Reigns Defeats Samoa Joe @ 17:55 **


Seth Rollins vs. The Miz for the IC Title 

This was honestly the one great thing in a bad show. This match had two of WWE’s best and they showed why. Seth Rollins has officially made the IC belt the most prestigious title in WWE. Rollins is the now of WWE and is the best he’s been since 2015. This match had some insanely great believable near falls. Including, the best moment of the match where Rollins hit the Falcon Arrow but on the follow-up suplex Miz turned it into a Skull Crushing Finale. The Miz has completely gone against the haters who say he can’t be a work-rate wrestler. This match was a hot opener in a hot crowd that had the time to become a classic and it did. Rollins is the MVP of Main Roster WWE and put on WWE’s best 2018 match only overshadowed by a horrible show. ****1/2

Nia Jax vs. Alexa Bliss for the RAW Women’s Championship

The Bullying and Body-Shaming angle taken for this match made me sick to my stomach. Then a 5-foot Bliss beat up a 6-foot 272-pound Jax for 9 minutes up until the end was totally unbelievable. This match sucked especially in comparison to what it was following. However, it was great to see Jax end up on top again. **


Jeff Hardy vs. Randy Orton for the US Championship

This started the SLOW match trend tonight. As all Randy Orton matches are it was very slow and rest holdy and Jeff Hardy has never come into his own with an even okay match yet in this after Mania 34 run. This was exactly what you expected it to be. I never expected Orton to win and he didn’t but it was still a very average match that could’ve been on SD. **1/2

Daniel Bryan vs. Big Cass

Cass did a very good job of getting a bad match out of the work-rate Bryan if that was his goal. This was short and sloppy then Cass tapped. Not much to it. **

81f33-1525658920-800Carmella vs. Charlotte for the SD Live Women’s Championship

This match is summed up in this photo. Carmella rest held Charlotte for a few minutes then it ended fast with a leg kick/roll up by Carmella. Carmella is a good character and it was a good decision to keep it on her but this match had potential. Carmella isn’t bad in the ring but Charlotte is the workhorse MVP of the Women’s Division or at least WWE is telling us she is. This match lived up to none of that potential. **


AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura for the WWE Title “No DQ”

Like GRR, these two were leading to an NJPW rivaling match. This match got much closer. These two were creating magic especially with the Kinshasa/ Chair Shot reversal that busted open AJ. This is closest they’ve gotten to WK 10 rivaling magic. Then the finish happened. The WORST finish imaginable had a strikefest end in a double low blow KO. In a No DQ match, they were still counted out. This is WWE getting revenge on NJPW for being better. ***

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn vs. Bobby Lashley and Braun Strowman 

As it was just a rematch from RAW 2 weeks ago, I expected nothing. It was worse than nothing as nothing wouldn’t have wasted my time. This was this shows worst match but it also just followed the shitty finish of AJ and Naka. Then KO and Sami fought and then Braun Strowman did his normal annoying slam and scream shit. *1/2

roman-reigns-samoa-joe-wwe-backlash-645x370Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe

This match sucked less than they crowd made it, even leaving after it started. This match started hot and then Joe kept Reigns in a rest hold for what felt like an hour. This had some good moments like Joe’s suicide dive and Joe’s uranage through the table but none of those were Reigns. Reigns’ momentum is clearly gone and this match did nothing to help. **

Grade: D-

Last Word: This was the worst PPV of the year so far and they’d have to deliberately try to have a PPV be worse. After the amazing start in WWE’s best 2018 match, it tanked hard. Each match after was boring and long with Braun/Lashley vs. KO/SZ being the worst offender. 

April 2018 Leaderboard: Race for Wrestler of the Year


The Leader Is Still: Kenny Omega

  1. Kenny Omega 101 points
  2. The Young Bucks 99 points
  3. Kota Ibushi 94 points
  4. ZSJ 77 points
  5. Kazuchika Okada -Johnny Gargano 72 points
  6. Will Ospreay 69 points
  7. Andrade Almas 50 points
  8. Hangman Page 46 points
  9. Marty Scurrl -Seth Rollins 45 points
  10. AJ Styles -Dalton Castle 43 points
  11. Adam Cole 41 points
  12. Tomasso Ciampa 38 points
  13. Cody 37 points
  14. Sanada 36 points
  15. Hiromu Takahashi -Minoru Suzuki -Jay White 35 points
  16. Roderick Strong 31 points
  17. Brock Lesnar 28 points
  18. Alexa Bliss -SoCal Uncensored -Cedric Alexander -Fish and O’Reilly 25 points
  19. Pete Dunne -Shinsuke Nakamura 22 points
  20. Ronda Rousey 21 points
  21. Evil -Hirooki Goto -The Miz -Flip Gordon -Jonathan Gresham -Jay Lethal -Killian Dain -Kalisto -Finn Balor -Tetsuya Naito 20 points
  22. Charlotte 17 points
  23. Chris Jericho -Kushida -Asuka -The Usos -John Cena -Hiroshi Tanahashi -Tomohiro Ishii -The Bar -Mustafa Ali -Aleister Black -Braun Strowman -Ember Moon 15 points
  24. Roppongi 3k -Bobby Roode -Sanity -Drew Gulak -Kenny King -Juice Robinson -Matt Taven -Michael Elgin -The Tongans -The Briscoes -Silas Young -Dave Finlay -Buddy Murphy -Velveteen Dream -Ricochet -Lars Sullivan -EC3 10 points
  25. Motor City Machine Guns -Shayna Baszler -Nia Jax -Bludgeon Brothers -Desperado and Kanemaru 6 points
  26. Jack Gallagher -New Day -Hideo Itami -Chase Owens -Beer City Bruiser -Trent Baretta -Sasha Banks -The Kingdom -Shane Taylor -Togi Makabe -Yoshi-Hashi -Punishment Martinez -Dolph Ziggler -Kevin Owens -Sami Zayn -Baron Corbin -Jeff Hardy -TJP -Akira Tozawa -Kurt Angle -HHH 5 points
  27. Mandy Leon -Tenille Dashwood -Carmella -Matt Hardy -Bray Wyatt 4 points 

April Awards: Race For Wrestler of the Year 2018


Wrestler of the Month: Adam Cole +10, it was an insane month for wrestling but coming out of it I believe one person stands out. Adam Cole was the MVP of NXT Takeover NOLA which was the best PPV of the month, won a ***** ladder match for the North American Championship and led a faction to solidified glory this month. Adam Cole had consistently the best performance of the month


Match of the Month: Johnny Gargano vs. Tomasso Ciampa in an Unsanctioned Match for Johnny Gargano’s NXT Career +10, This match had been built for hundreds of days. Since NXT Takeover Chicago last may, this had been one of the hottest storylines in NXT even with Ciampa sidelined. When it finally picked up this feud was straight fire. They rightly main evented NXT Takeover NOLA and had a story-filled, work rate and extreme match for the ages. Everything someone can love about wrestling is found in this match. 


Team of the Month: Undisputed ERA +8, Even with Bobby Fish injured the ERA was really successful and intriguing this month. Roderick Strong FINALLY turned heel in WWE and joined Undisputed, they retained the tag titles and had just an overall fantastic character showing. 

Feud of the Month: Tomasso Ciampa vs. Johnny Gargano +8, as previously stated, this match had been built for hundreds of days. When it finally picked up it was so satisfying. Tomasso Ciampa was an amazing despicable heel and Johnny Gargano is the best face in wrestling right now. It was a former team break up story as well which added so much heat to it. It was a feud made in heaven. 


Most Improved: Shinsuke Nakamura +7, a disappointing outing at Wrestlemania 34 against AJ Styles turned into something great. Nakamura immediately turned heel at WM 34 and this creates a great character. The sarcastic “No Speak English” motto and the repeated low blows made a great heel. The new theme song is such a great decision too. 


Woman of the Month: Ronda Rousey +8, an incredible debut at Wrestlemania 34 got her this spot. Think about this, in her debut match she had MOTN at a Wrestlemania. That means a lot for her career. Her career will take off if she is a full-time talent. 

Champions in April (Champions at the End of the Month Get Points)


  • Universal +7: Brock Lesnar  394+ days
  • RAW Women’s +5: Alexa Bliss 223 days, Nia Jax 23+ days
  • Intercontinential +5: The Miz 76, Seth Rollins 23+ days
  • Cruiserweight +5: Cedric Alexander 23+
  • RAW Tag Team +3: The Bar 70 days, Braun Strowman and Nicholas 1 day, Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt 4+ days
  • WWE +7: AJ Styles 175+ days
  • SD Women’s +3: Charlotte 147 days, Carmella 21+ days
  • US +5: Randy Orton 28 days, Jinder Mahal 8 days, Jeff Hardy 15+ days
  • SD Tag Team +3: The Usos 182 days, Bludgeon Brothers 23+ days
  • NXT +5: Andrade Almas 140 days, Aleister Black 24+ days
  • NXT North American +3: Adam Cole 24+ days
  • NXT Women’s +3: Ember Moon 140 days, Shayna Baszler 24+ days
  • NXT Tag Team +3: The Undisputed ERA 153+ days
  • UK +3: Pete Dunne 346 days


  • IWGP Heavyweight +7: Kazuchika Okada 680+ days
  • IWGP IC +5: Minoru Suzuki 92 days, Tetsuya Naito 1+ days
  • IWGP US +5: Jay White 92+ days
  • NEVER Openweight +5: Hirooki Gota 116+ days
  • IWGP Tag +3: Evil and Sanada 116+ days
  • IWGP Jr +6: Will Ospreay 116+ days
  • IWGP Jr Tag +3: Desperado and Kanemaru 55+ days
  • NEVER 6-man +3: The Tongans 115+ days


  • ROH +7: Dalton Castle 134+ days
  • TV +3: Kenny King 56 days, Silas Young 21+ days
  • ROH 6-Man +3: So Cal Uncensored 50 days
  • WOH +3: Sumie Sakai 21+ days
  • Tag +3: The Briscoes 50+ days

4-Star and Above Ratings from April: 

  • Will Ospreay vs. Marty Scurrl for the JR Title NJPW Sakura Genesis *****
  • Cody and Hangman Page vs. The Golden Lovers NJPW Sakura Genesis ****1/4
  • Zack Sabre Jr. vs Kazuchika Okada for the Heavyweight Title NJPW Sakura Genesis *****
  • Seth Rollins vs. Finn Balor RAW April 2nd ****
  • Buddy Murphy vs. Kalisto 205 Live ****
  • Adam Cole vs. Velveteen Dream vs. Ricochet vs. Killian Dain vs. Lars Sullivan vs. EC3 Ladder Match for the North American Title NXT Takeover NOLA *****
  • Aleister Black vs. Andrade Almas for the NXT Title at Takeover NOLA ****3/4
  • Tomasso Ciampa vs. Johnny Gargano Takeover NOLA *****
  • Kota Ibushi vs. Hangman Page ROH Supercard XII ****1/4
  • Cedric Alexander vs. Mustafa Ali for the Cruiserweight Championship WM 34 ****
  • Finn Balor vs. The Miz vs. Seth Rollins for the Intercontinental Championship WM 34 ****
  • Ronda Rousey and Kurt Angle vs. Stephanie Mcmahon and Triple H WM 34 ****1/2
  • AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura for the WWE title WM 34 ****
  • Flip Gordon and The Young Bucks vs. SoCal Uncensored Ladder Match for the 6man titles ROH Supercard XII ****1/2
  • Cody vs. Kenny Omega ROH Supercard XII ****1/2
  • Marty Scurrl vs. Dalton Castle for the ROH World Title Supercard XII ****
  • Jonathan Gresham vs. Jay Lethal ROH Masters of the Craft ****
  • Jay White vs. Dave Finlay for the US Title NJPW Road to Dontaku ****
  • Cedric Alexander vs. Kalisto for the Cruiserweight Title GRR ****1/4
  • Tetsuya Naito vs. Minoru Suzuki for the IC Title NJPW Hi No ****
  • Finn Balor vs Seth Rollins for the IC Title Raw 4.30 ****

WWE Greatest Royal Rumble Review


Star Ratings and Results

John Cena defeated Triple H @ 15:40 ***1/2

Cedric Alexander defeated Kalisto to retain the Cruiserweight Title @10:22 ****1/4

Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt defeat The Bar to win the Raw Tag Titles @8:58 ***

Jeff Hardy defeats Jinder Mahal to retain the US Titles @6:09 *1/2

Bludgeon Brothers defeat The Usos to retain the SD Tag Titles @5:08 ***

Seth Rollins defeats Samoa Joe, The Miz, and Finn Balor in a ladder match to retain the IC title @14:40 ***1/2

AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura ends in a Double Countout @14:35 ***

Undertaker defeats Rusev in a Casket Match @9:35 ***

Brock Lesnar “Defeats” Roman Reigns to retain the Universal Title in a steel cage match @9: 15 ***1/4

Braun Strowman wins the Greatest Royal Rumble @77:23 **3/4


In my Previous Article, I referenced the Political Aspect of this show. With the Saudi Arabian government being anti-women, no women’s division matches have happened. With the Saudi Arabian people giving WWE a crap ton of money this show got a special stage and an arena venue. The Royal Family sat in Leather Chairs ringside and throughout the show the crowd was DEAD. 


Triple H vs. John Cena

This match was exactly what you would probably expect it to be. The Finisher, Near Fall and Moment of Shock sequences, play out throughout this match. It was a surprising opener due to the star power but it helped set up the viewers for a LONG show. There was one really good near fall but the rest of the match was an exciting but slow encounter. ***1/2


Cedric Alexander vs. Kalisto for the Cruiserweight Championship

This was easily MOTN. Cedric and Kalisto worked so well together. The Spot On dropkick Cedric Alexander hit midway through was fantastic and one of the spots of the night. WWE continued their obsession with top rope Spanish Flys which Kalisto hit to perfection. Even though the outcome was predictable, they put on quite a hard-hitting, fast-paced encounter. ****1/4

Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt vs. The Bar for the RAW Tag Team Championship

The choice to make Bray and Matt a team was the right one. These two work so well together and have put relevance into each other’s previously unmomentous WWE Career. This was an academic tag match that was solidly slow but it had the right ending. *** 


Jeff Hardy vs. Jinder Mahal for the US Championship

This is my worst reviewed match from WWE this year. It was full of botches especially the Whisper in the Wind that completely missed but was sold as if it hit with full effect. If someone didn’t know WWE was fake that was their moment of discovery. Jeff Hardy has yet to have his big comeback match and this set him back further. It lasted 5 minutes but nothing good happened. Jeff Hardy retained but even that doesn’t make this match okay. *1/2

The Usos vs. The Bludgeon Brothers for the SD Tag Championship

Based off of the reviews I’ve seen on this match so far, I’ve rated it the highest. This match was full of adrenaline and it was the first encounter that the Bludgeon’s had any vulnerability in. I really like this feud and as soon as 2B get the right opponents it will make for a great match. ***


The Miz vs. Finn Balor vs. Seth Rollins vs. Samoa Joe in a Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Championship

This match is the opposite of the last one, I’ve seen some crazy good reviews for this match online and I heavily disagree. While it wasn’t close to bad it was heavily underwhelming. No huge spots happened and it felt like Samoa Joe dropped someone on a ladder a billion times. The ending was FANTASTIC though as it still made everyone look strong. Seth Rollins springboarded onto the ladder and stole the title. The ending here was one of this shows solo highlights. ***1/2

AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura for the WWE Championship

This match started great, it had an amazing 14 minutes. I previously said that this match would make their Wrestlemania encounter look weak and it almost did. This started the shit endings doubleheader that the World Title Matches had. The Double Countout finish means that this will continue at BackLash. With, Nakamura heel this match has the dimensions to put on a WWE MOTY contender at BackLash. ***


Rusev vs. Undertaker in a Casket Match

At Wrestlemania 31, the internet wrestling community thought that Cena had buried Rusev. It turns out, 3 years later that we would get that literal visual. I’m going to make another bold prediction, either this is Rusev’s last match before his release or he just floats around as a jobber for the rest of his career. On the bright side, Rusev wasn’t dominated as he had some offense and Undertaker looked really good. This is possibly Undertaker’s best showing since his Hell in a Cell match against Brock Lesnar in 2015. This felt refreshing and definitely was more of a spectacle than a Work Rate encounter. ***

960Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship in a Steel Cage 

This match topped their Wrestlemania 34 match by miles up until the ending. The steel cage stipulation worked wonders for both’s lacking in-ring skill. I genuinely thought that it was Roman’s moment but it wasn’t. This is scary as Lesnar is 42 days from breaking CM Punk’s Modern Day Title Record. The ending of this match was absolute bullshit. Reigns spears Lesnar through the cage wall but Reigns obviously lands first. There’s a moment of silence and I thought this was going to be how Reigns can finally beat Lesnar but nope, Lesnar gets the win. Hopefully, this makes a storyline on RAW. ***1/4


50 Man Royal Rumble

2018 is the year for WWE to put on really, really long multi-man matches with the Gauntlet Match on RAW before Elimination Chamber. Seth Rollins was the MVP of this and more impressively Daniel Bryan was the MVP here. Bryan lasted 70 plus minutes here. That was a solo highlight of this match. The entrants were underwhelming in having random people in like Babatunde, Hiroki Sumi, and Dan Matha. The winner was crazy predictable too and if I’m going to watch 77 minutes of a match there has to be some entertainment. This was too LONG and felt longer to end a 5-hour show. **3/4

Show Recap

Grade: B-

Last Word: I went into this show believing that it would fix all the problems that Wrestlemania had and it didn’t really. This wasn’t too much of an issue as it turned the page to a new storyline in all matches other than the World Title Matches. The shitty endings both of those matches had taken this show down a few points even though both matches were good. I also went into it understanding the political aspects that this match had with the Royal Family and no women allowed. Speaking of, the crowd was DEAD the whole time. Cedric vs. Kalisto, The IC Ladder, Cena vs. HHH and Usos vs. 2B were the highlights. The 50 Man Rumble wasn’t close to as good as it was long. The 5 hours this show took from me felt grueling but exciting. 





Why The Greatest Royal Rumble Is A Sad Cash Grab


Coming up this Friday is the Greatest Royal Rumble or Wrestlemania 34.5 but there is a sinister undertone to this event. To be able to understand why you need to understand the setting. This glorified house show takes place from Saudi Arabia, which is just a weird place for WWE to put on a show like this. It’s weird until you look deeper, Saudi Arabia has a crap ton of money and looks like a market WWE would thrive in. The issue is the Saudi Arabian Rules. Shockingly in 2018, Jews nor Women will be allowed in the arena in Jetta for the Greatest Royal Rumble. WWE has literally spent YEARS on building up the Women’s Revolution, having last year be the cluster of first ever matches for women and as soon as they have the Women on the same level, they drop everything for a couple million dollars. Jewish People not being allowed in means no Paul Heyman for the marquee match of Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns in a steel cage match for the title. Another way to think about this is, Wrestlemania 34 SUCKED so this show can be good. WWE would trash their main show of the year to please the Saudi Arabian market and make it rain cash from the skies. Shinsuke vs. AJ at this show will make their Wrestlemania encounter look weak and so many more shocking title changes will happen. WWE should realize that pleasing their long-term audience and even their own wrestlers are more important than a lot of money from a horrible PR move. This show will be good but watch it knowing what is given up for this. WWE should be under more fire. 

Top Ten Matches Over Wrestlemania Weekend 2018


10) Charlotte vs. Asuka for the SD Live Women’s Championship at Wrestlemania

This match was WWE’s culmination of all the historic moments for the Women’s division but it kinda did live up to the expectations. Asuka tapping out was unexpected and early in the match but before that, they put on one of the best Women’s matches at Wrestlemania, unfortunately, that isn’t saying much. With some really cool spots fit in here, it is obvious that Charlotte is the future of the Women’s Division. 


9) The Miz vs. Seth Rollins vs. Finn Balor for the Intercontinental Championship at Wrestlemania

This match was the perfect opener. Seth Rollins’ entrance was fantastic with the Game of Thrones attire and the Burn It Down chants from the crowd. All 3 men’s styles clashed very well and set up some exciting work turning on the crowd for what ended up being a lackluster Wrestlemania. This didn’t really end up being better than their triple threat on Raw in 2017 but it was still great. 


8) AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania

Yes, this match wasn’t the amazing encounter it was supposed to be but it felt like a spectacle. It was a technical match at Wrestlemania. Shinsuke’s entrance was fantastic with a live guitar and full band. The match ended way too early with only one Styles Clash but up until then, these two put on more of a spectacle than a great match. Shinsuke turning heel suggests they can fix this later on. 


7) Marty Scurrl vs. Dalton Castle for the ROH World Championship at Supercard of Honor XII

After a near 5 hour show, this match has the hard job of ending the show. If you don’t pay attention to the burnout and watch this match separately it’s a very good character match. My favorite spot in this match was the deadlift German suplex that was taken through the ropes to the outside by Castle. Marty Scurrl played his villain role incredibly well and I believed he should’ve won. I wonder what’s next for him. 



6) Ronda Rousey and Kurt Angle vs. Stephanie Mcmahon and Triple H at Wrestlemania

I never would’ve thought this match would be in the top ten Wrestlemania matches. I went into this match expecting a dead spot. It absolutely was not. Ronda Rousey was incredible here, taking down Triple H and playing the angry character so well. Kurt Angle held up well in the ring and it was great to see him in the ring again. H and Steph did a great job of being the hated bosses. This was perfect for what it was supposed to be and makes me excited to see how Rousey’s career unfolds. 


5) Young Bucks and Flip Gordon vs. So Cal Uncensored in a ladder match for the ROH Six Man titles at Supercard of Honor XII

This wasn’t the best ladder match of the weekend but man it was incredible. Flip Gordon worked really well with the Bucks and hit his flippy spots. Scorpio Sky battled Flip in his Flippy stuff. I loved this match because it was a spotfest and didn’t make you worry like many of the Wrestlemania matches did. This is another chapter of this rivalry that has put on some incredible matches with this being the highlight. 


4) Kenny Omega vs. Cody at Supercard of Honor XII

This has been built up for ages and I felt they lived up to some of the hype. This was a really good character match which seems to be what ROH does best these days. This had some good stories too like Brandi being put through a table, The Young Bucks final decision to superkick Cody but have Cody duck and hit Kenny. Cody had some really great crowd interactions. There were also some really good submission sequences with Cody’s American Deathlock. The crowd was hot and it really added to the match. I wonder where the Bullet Club storyline goes from here. 


3) Andrade Almas vs. Aleister Black for the NXT Championship at Takeover NOLA

When I was watching this match, I thought man this is some smart wrestling. The incredible near falls and the interferences from Zelina Vega made some serious magic. Both men are well-known strikers which led to this being pretty hard-hitting. Aleister Black winning was the absolute right decision. This was also great as Almas’ last match with the title as Vega played a big role in making him lose. Spoiler Alert: The rest of the matches are from NXT Takeover.


2) Lars Sullivan vs. Velveteen Dream vs. EC3 vs. Ricochet vs. Adam Cole vs. Killian Dain in a ladder match for the NXT North American Championship

This is my personal favorite ladder match of all time, I know that might be an unpopular decision but hear me out. It took 4 prominent talents from NXT and the new debuting Ricochet and EC3 and had an incredible spotfest and told a great story. So many ladders were broken and Dream dived from so many different places. Ricochet brought the incredible high-flying, EC3 and Adam Cole brought the Chicken Shit Heel story here and Lars and Dain were absolute wrecking balls. This was still not the match of the weekend though. 


1) Johnny Gargano vs. Tomasso Ciampa Unsanctioned Match for Johnny Gargano’s NXT career at NXT Takeover

The story, the build-up, the match quality and the heat are some of the best this year and maybe last year too. 322 days since this feud started and god did this live up to it. This match felt different as it was a hardcore match and an in ring classic all at the same time. The incredible betrayal story and crutches lived up to something absolutely special. Not only is this match of the weekend, this may be Match of the Year. The only gripe I have about this match is it started slow but by the end of 37 minutes I didn’t want the match to end. As Ciampa’s return match too this is so impressive. Johnny Gargano continues to make a case for Wrestler of The Year. 

Breaking News: Rusev vs. Undertaker Set for the Greatest Royal Rumble Event


Continuting to pad this glorified house show WWE confirms Rusev vs. Undertaker. This tells me one thing, WWE wants fans to see them literally burying Rusev so they will stop chanting Rusev Day. All jokes aside, this sounds pretty interesting and hopefully, Rusev will stay afloat. This match joins the 7 championship matches such as Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar for the Univeral Championship. The 50 man Royal Rumble which might actually be for nothing and John Cena vs. Triple H. One thing is for sure this show will make WWE A LOT of money.