WrestleGrade Leaderboard Point System

  • Points are given at the end of every week, month and year
  • 5 points are given to a wrestler if they get an over 4 star rated match (in my personal opinion) 
  • 10 points are given to both wrestlers in a 5 star match (E.g  Almas vs Gargano or Omega vs Jericho)
  • Champions at the end of every month get points per the prestige of their title. (E.g IWGP Heavyweight Championship is 7 points as well as the ROH World Title and both the Universal and WWE Championships)
  • The weekly awards are; the wrestler of the week (5 points), match of the week (5 points to all involved) , the team of the week (4 points awarded) and women’s wrestler of the week (4 points awarded)
  • The monthly awards are; wrestler of the month (10 points), match of the month (10 points to all involved), the team of the month (8 points), women’s wrestler of the month (8 points) and Most Improved (7 points)
  • There is also a separate leaderboard for MVPs of each show. (E.g  ROH TV MVP gets 3 points, Raw MVP gets 5, SD Live MVP gets 5 points, 205 live MVP gets 3 points, NXT TV MVP gets 3 points and any PPV MVP gets 10 points but bigger shows like Wrestlemania and Wrestlekingom get their MVPs 20 points. 

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