Weekly Awards for 3/19/18 to 3/25/18 Wrestler of the Week: Zack Sabre Jr.


Wrestler of the Week: Zack Sabre Jr. My first consecutive winner of the wrestler of the week. ZSJ won the New Japan Cup to earn the right to challenge Okada in a very good wrestling match with Tanahashi that fell second for match of the week in a great week for NJPW. Sabre tacks on 5 more points on the leaderboard.

Match of the week: Golden Lovers Vs. The Young Bucks. Holy Crap what a match! This match may not just be the match of the week or month, this is a solid contender for match of the year. This match will gain its competitors a lot of points and these 5 are its first. A great story executed by the best wrestlers in the world. 

The team of the week: Golden Lovers. This was a hard decision between Young Bucks and the Lovers but in the end, the Lovers had the better showing in the instant classic. The Golden Lovers get 9 points off of this week’s awards.

Women’s Wrestler: Charlotte. A very slow week for women’s wrestling but the highlight was a good tv match on SD Live between Natalya and Charlotte with Charlotte having a good showing. Charlotte gets 4 points


ROH TV: Cody. A solid main event tag match where Cody leads Bullet Club to a victory over So Cal Uncensored and the Kingdom. Great character work by Cody.

Raw: Matt Hardy. A very captivating Ultimate Deletion match won by Matt Hardy headlined this week’s Raw. Even though Hardy is a lower tier wrestler currently this might mean a lot of good for the future of the Woken Character.

SD Live: Daniel Bryan. With the news of Bryan being cleared before SD Live this week this show was opened by a heartfelt promo and closed by Bryan brawling with Sami and Kevin. This was some great stuff from Bryan.

205 Live: Mustafa Ali. A great match with Gulak headlined 205 Live but this wasn’t why he was the MVP. In this match, Ali had some insane resiliency and character work. If we see more of this side of Ali the match against Alexander at Wrestlemania could be an instant classic.

NXT TV: Adam Cole. Adam Cole beats Ohno in a good match without Undisputed Era at ringside. Adam Cole is an amazing heel and is truly shining right now in NXT.

NJPW Strong Style Evolved: Golden Lovers. I can not praise this match enough. I believe this is the match of the year so far. With Golden Lovers going over they get the rightful MVP spot for this show.  




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