Why The Greatest Royal Rumble Is A Sad Cash Grab


Coming up this Friday is the Greatest Royal Rumble or Wrestlemania 34.5 but there is a sinister undertone to this event. To be able to understand why you need to understand the setting. This glorified house show takes place from Saudi Arabia, which is just a weird place for WWE to put on a show like this. It’s weird until you look deeper, Saudi Arabia has a crap ton of money and looks like a market WWE would thrive in. The issue is the Saudi Arabian Rules. Shockingly in 2018, Jews nor Women will be allowed in the arena in Jetta for the Greatest Royal Rumble. WWE has literally spent YEARS on building up the Women’s Revolution, having last year be the cluster of first ever matches for women and as soon as they have the Women on the same level, they drop everything for a couple million dollars. Jewish People not being allowed in means no Paul Heyman for the marquee match of Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns in a steel cage match for the title. Another way to think about this is, Wrestlemania 34 SUCKED so this show can be good. WWE would trash their main show of the year to please the Saudi Arabian market and make it rain cash from the skies. Shinsuke vs. AJ at this show will make their Wrestlemania encounter look weak and so many more shocking title changes will happen. WWE should realize that pleasing their long-term audience and even their own wrestlers are more important than a lot of money from a horrible PR move. This show will be good but watch it knowing what is given up for this. WWE should be under more fire. 

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