What Buddy Murphy Vs. Cedric Alexander says about the Main Roster Product in 2018.


Last Night on 205 Live, Buddy Murphy and Cedric Alexander had an instant classic for the Cruiserweight Title. If on a random episode of 205 Live these guys can put on an instant classic why can’t the main roster be anything else than absolute trash right now?

The answer, in short, is decently obvious and its name is Triple H. Triple H has taken over backstage control of 205 Live and ever since then it’s been on the skyrocket up in quality and it peaked last night.

The long answer is more complex. WWE is heavily corporate and is a billion dollar corporation before it is a wrestling company in 2018. WWE has to please its sponsors and shareholders first leaving the true fans behind. This split created NXT and most recently 205 Live.

The issue here is, why can’t Main Roster WWE please its sponsors and fans at the same time? RAW and SD Live are pretty much 3-hour ads for a PPV while NXT and 205 Live always build their own identity weekly. The Main Roster needs to build its roster before it falls apart and spoils the sponsors by creating a bad product for everyone. Allowing Story Lines and Momentum to build around the wrestlers will help them maintain success in the long run and is something they have already done in the Ruthless Aggression and Attitude Eras. 

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