WWE MITB 2018 Review


WWE Money In the Bank Results+Star Ratings: 

  • Daniel Bryan defeated Big Cass @15:13 via submission ***1/4
  • Bobby Lashley defeated Sami Zayn @6:30 via pin N/A
  • Seth Rollins defeated Elias @17:05 via pin to retain the Intercontinental Title ****
  • Alexa Bliss won the Women’s Money In the Bank @18:25 ****1/2
  • Roman Reigns defeated Jinder Mahal @15:37 via pin *1/2
  • Carmella defeated Asuka to @11:03 via pin to retain the SD Live Women’s Title **
  • AJ Styles defeated Shinsuke Nakamura @31:08 in a Last Man Standing Match to retain the WWE Title ****1/4
  • Ronda Rousey defeated Nia Jax @10:47 via DQ, Nia retains the RAW Women’s Title ***1/4
  • Alexa Bliss cashes in her MITB on Jax to win the RAW Women’s Title @0:35 N/A
  • Braun Strowman won the Men’s Money in the Bank @19:51 ****

b9c167b30f257962a69c9602112c225970ab335cr1-1005-571v2_hqDaniel Bryan vs. Big Cass

The feud leading to this point has been pretty bad with Cass just gloating about his height until Bryan taps him out in the Heel Hook. In the build-up, no one looked strong. Big Cass is an amazing talker but I didn’t expect much out of this match. Surprisingly, the match picked up. The crowd LOVED Bryan and this made the match exciting. Cass looked good in-ring compared to how he has recently. Even though, Bryan had to carry most of the match it was a competitive bout. Surprisingly too, I went into this match bored and it grabbed my attention. I never thought this match would be a classic and it wasn’t but it was great for what it was supposed to be. ***1/4

  • Bobby Lashley defeats Sami Zayn in a crappy squash match to (hopefully) end a crappy feud


Seth Rollins vs. Elias for the Intercontinental Championship

During Elias’ pre-match concert he was very over. The Chicago Crowd yelled Walk With Elias and it became obvious that Elias can even be over in a hardcore crowd. Seth comes down and the Wrestlemania 31 attire returns on Rollins. The match starts slow but picks up very well. This match had some very solid near falls especially toward the end when Elias attacked Rollins ringside and then hit a huge Elbow Drop for a convincing near fall. The Lesnar vs. Rollins Summerslam rumors led me to predict Elias. Even though, I don’t believe Elias is ready to take the title from Rollins he really shined here. In his short WWE career, this is definitely his biggest match. And in my opinion, his best. Elias spent a lot of the match working the neck of Rollins but then switched up to working the knee when Rollins tweaked it. Towards the end, Rollins looked desperate and picked up a roll-up victory. I expect this feud to continue at Extreme Rules. ****


Banks vs Natalya vs Charlotte vs Moon vs Bliss vs Lynch vs Naomi vs Lana in the Womens MITB match 

This match was near perfect for what I expected it to be, the spots were great. Including, Moon’s springboard Crossbody onto Banks on the ladder and Charlotte’s powerbomb to Moon on the ladder. Ember Moon shined out in this match. The match was unpredictable even though I don’t agree with the finish. Becky Lynch looked to win the match and the Chicago crowd really wanted her to win too. In the end, Alexa Bliss takes out Lynch to win the MITB. Alexa Bliss, in my opinion, is the Roman Reigns of the Women’s Division. She is overpushed, consistently in the spotlight and (unlike Reigns) haven’t proved it in the ring by having a single great match. However, I won’t let the finish take away from the match. The match was smooth and the spots were done so much better than last years Women’s MITB. Also, I felt like this match portrayed the Women better than most recent (non-Rousey) matches have. Nice Job to the Women in this match! ****1/2


Jinder Mahal vs. Roman Reigns

WWE should’ve known this was a bad idea to put on in a smart ass Chicago crowd. I was at MITB and this match was fun for all the wrong reasons. All the chants and beach balls were very deserved with what we’ve been given with this feud. Reigns was booed out of the building as fans chanted for NXT, The Elite, Velveteen Dream, CM Punk and to end this match. Not only was this match ill-advised, it went on for way too long. 15 minutes were spent with the crowd messing around and in the end, there was a predictable Reigns win. This sucked. *1/2

  • Carmella defeated Asuka in a very mediocre match that ended with a returning James Ellsworth distracted Asuka for a Carmella win. **


AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura for the WWE Championship in a Last Man Standing

They FINALLY did it, these guys had an amazing match. This is their 6th big deal encounter. They fought in New Japan in a great match but then in WWE, they fought at Wrestlemania, Greatest Royal Rumble, BackLash and SD Live and now MITB. Shinsuke’s heel turn made this feud good towards the end and this match made the LONG feud worthwhile. The match had some great spots especially towards the end but like the feud the match was long. Clocking in at 30 minutes. In the end, Styles Styles Clashes Nakamura off the steel steps was amazing. After that, the finish was incredible. Nakamura says “Come On!” but Styles kicks Nakamura in the nuts. Then Styles climbs the top rope and Phenomenal Forearms Naka through the announce table. These two finally had an amazing match which was such a relief. I wonder where Nakamura goes from here. ****1/4


Nia Jax vs. Ronda Rousey for the RAW Women’s Championship 

This match was going to be a challenge for Ronda, she shined at WM 34 but she was in the ring with Kurt Angle and HHH two in-ring greats. At MITB, she went against Nia Jax and as great as Jax is she has been known to be green and injure people. I was scared going into this match that the result would be a crappy match between two green women’s wrestlers but nope. This match was all action and no filler. Rousey continued to be intense and show she was deserving of her spot while Jax showed her ability to successfully put on a match as the ring leader. It could’ve gotten great however the match never finished. Bliss came down to cash in and succeeded on the same night. When I said earlier, Bliss is the Reigns of the Women’s Division this continued to prove my point. ***


Owens vs. Roode vs. Miz vs. Balor vs. Strowman vs. Rusev vs. Joe vs. Kofi for the Men’s MITB

Wow, during the entrances I realized how STACKED this match was. 1) all of these guys but Kofi and Miz came from NXT beginnings 2) Every person in this match had great momentum coming in and 3) All these men deserved their spots. Kofi got announced as the New Day member joining and he really impressed with his athleticism last night. While the Women’s match had smoother transitions, this match had some CRAZY spots. Especially, when Owens was pushed from the top of like a 20-foot ladder down through tables by Strowman. Also, when Balor just cleared the ropes to Coup De Grace Roode. The storytelling in this match was great too as each member had their own distinct character. Owens was the leader of this match helping take out Braun but getting taken out himself. Towards the end, it was anybody’s game and I thought it could go on a lot longer. However, Braun very abruptly won. I LOVE Braun winning though however, I might’ve preferred Joe and his cash in to be pre-announced to Styles at Summerslam or Roode using the briefcase as a jetpack to heel turn stardom. Braun will be who dethrones Lesnar though and that is a great thing. ****

Grade: B

Last Word: This was another case of Takeover hangover however Money in the Bank tonight was really great and had 4 over 4-star matches, which is fantastic for WWE. However, the rest of the show very much sucked. Reigns vs. Jinder was only fun because I was in the crowd and Carmella vs. Asuka had a bullshit finish. This is WWE’s best 2018 PPV but honestly, that isn’t saying much. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m very positive on this show. 



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