ROH Best In the World 2018 Review


ROH Best in The World 2018 Results:

  • The Kingdom defeat Los Ignoberables via pinfall to retain the ROH 6-man titles ***
  • Flip Gordon defeats Bully Ray via DQ *1/2
  • Sumie Sakai, Jenny Rose, Mayu Iwatani and Tenille Dashwood defeat Kelly Klein, Kagetsu, Hana Kimura and Hazuki via pinfall ***1/4
  • Austin Aries defeats Kenny King via pinfall ***3/4
  • Jay Lethal defeats Kushida via pinfall ****1/4
  • Punishment Martinez defeats Adam Page via pinfall in a Baltimore Street Fight to retain the ROH TV Title ***1/2
  • The Briscoes defeated The Young Bucks via pinfall to retain the ROH Tag Titles ****3/4
  • Dalton Castle defeats Cody and Marty Scurrl via pinfall to retain the ROH World Title **1/2


The Kingdom (c) vs. Evil, Sanada, and Bushi representing Los Ignoberables de Japon for the ROH 6-Man Tag Titles

  • Both teams have been really good so far in 2018. LIJ has more solo stars but The Kingdom are some of ROH’s best characters. 
  • TK O’Ryan and Evil start the match.
  • Cheap Shot by Taven starts the match with a double team attack on Evil but Evil fights it off. 
  • Amazing Standing Moonsault by Sanada on Taven for the first near fall. 
  • Vinny Marseglia goes for the mask of Bushi starting a 6-man brawl. 
  • Matt Taven does the Naito Tranquilo pose getting a great crowd response. 
  • Spinebuster/Diving Headbutt combo by TK and Vinny for a near fall on Evil.
  • Evil gets the ref to hold the leg of TK O’Ryan so Evil can hit him with a kick to the previously injured leg opening up tags. 
  • Hot tag by Sanada
  • Paradise Lock by Sanada on Taven, TK tries to put the Paradise Lock on Sanada but fails, Sanada gets the PL on TK. Double Dropkick by Sanada opens both Locks. 
  • Vinny pops balloons at Sanada opening up a Triple Bomb by The Kingdom. Sanada fights out though. Magic Killer attempt by Sanada and Evil on TK fails as well. 
  • Just The Tip of the Knee by Taven to Sanada, near fall
  • Sanada works the previously injured knee of Taven
  • Double Huricanrana by Bushi to TK and Taven.
  • Strike sequence by LIJ ending with a backstabber by Bushi, near fall on Taven. 
  • Great Sequence of moves by The Kingdom on Bushi, Evil barely makes the save. 
  • Kick of the king by Taven to Sanada stops the Skull End on Taven.
  • Bushi mists Vinny.
  • Rockstar Supernova by Taven and TK closes the match on Bushi.

Winners: The Kingdom Retain

Rating: ***, This was a fun and fast-paced opener even with the predictable finish. Could’ve gone a little longer but both teams performed well and the Kingdom continue to be some of ROH’s Best characters. Solid start to the show. 


Bully Ray vs. Flip Gordon

  • Horrible feud leading to this point. 
  • HOPEFULLY, Bully Ray’s last match.
  • Immediate attack by Flip.
  • Plancha Dive by Flip.
  • Amazing Tope Con Hiro by Flip Gordon. 
  • Fantastic Springboard Forearm Dive to the outside by Flip.
  • Very hot start by Flip. 
  • Samoan Pop/Shooting Star Press/Springboard Moonsault combo by Flip for the first near fall. 
  • Bully Ray hits a lariat draining all the energy from the match. He sucks.
  • Vader Bomb by Bully Ray misses, crowd chants “Vader” 
  • Star Spangled Stunner by Flip blocked with a low blow. Match gets called off and Bully continues the attack. 

Winner: Bully Ray

Rating: *1/2, Words cannot explain how much I hate this feud, Bully Ray and even ROH writers for allowing shit like this to happen on a show that’s supposed to be all about wrestling. “No Filler just Thriller” right? So make it that way ROH. Bully is trash and maybe he’s just so good at his character he makes fans feel this hatred but he sucks in the ring and drives all the energy out of his matches. This match ended fast and thankfully. Flip Gordon is great however so his performance saves this match from absolute hell. 

  • After the match, Colt Cabana saves Flip from Bully Ray and a Table Spot. 
  • Jenny Rose, Sumie Sakai, Tenille Dashwood and Mayu Iwatani won a solid 8-Woman tag match featuring the women from Stardom. However, A Klein vs. Sakai Title match would’ve been better fitted to this show as an 8-woman tag can happen anytime. ***1/4


Kenny King vs. Austin Aries

  • Rivalry based on Aries thinking he’s better than King and a former friendship. 
  • This match should’ve had the ROH TV Title instead of Page vs. Martinez. 
  • Good competitive start. 
  • Solid Leg Sweeps from King getting the crowd to ask “One More Time”
  • Another leg sweep but ringside this time from King getting fans to jokingly chant “Holy Shit”
  • Aries dropkicks King off the springboard to ringside and Aries hits a diving ax handle to ringside. 
  • Flipping Springboard Senton to get back in the ring by Aries for a two count.
  • Diving Back Elbow by Aries for the match’s first near fall. 
  • Solid Methodical Pace. 
  • Elbow Drop by Aries to King on the apron, pin inside the ring for a near fall. 
  • Great Springboard Blockbuster from King for a two count. 
  • The last Chancery by Aries, King gets the ropes. 
  • Neckbreaker in between the ropes by Aries sends King to the outside for a suicide dive. Amazing enzugiri to stop Aries mid-dive by King. Great spot. 
  • Back in the ring,Roll-up by Aries, near fall 
  • Half-Assed Royal Flush by King, near fall as Aries grabs ropes at the last second. 
  • Aries grabs his belt collection and tries to leave, corkscrew plancha by King stops Aries. 
  • Ringside Brainbuster by Aries getting “You Killed Kenny” Chants. 
  • Suprise roll-up by King, near fall. 
  • Brainbuster in-ring closes the match.

Winner: Austin Aries 

Rating: ***3/4, The match started with a technical methodic pace and evolved into a fast near-fall filled fun match. Aries was showing his character greatly while King did amazing in-ring. This is the best match so far on the card but that isn’t saying a hell of a lot. Hopefully, from here all the matches are great. The match ended a bit abruptly to get into the 4-star range but it was damn close. It will always be great to see Aries back in the ring and the crowd was hilarious in this match. The highlight spot was the enzugiri catching the suicide dive by King. Let’s continue this momentum with Kushida vs. Lethal. 

25a79c377572030fef8ac3d7958294b0a1b24835r1-1024-576v2_hqKushida vs. Jay Lethal

  • ROH treats Kushida like a star and Lethal is the franchise of ROH.
  • Kushida refuses a handshake from Lethal.
  • Hip toss dropkick sequence into three Tope Con Hiro’s by Kushida mocking Lethal’s Triple Suicide Dive.
  • Triple Ax Handle by Kushida, Kushida does the Macho Taunt targeted at Black Machismo from Lethal. 
  • Suplex Attempt Sequence 
  • Kushida tries for the Lethal Injection but Jay kicks out the leg of Kushida. 
  • Lethal working the taped knee of Kushida.
  • With Kushida down, Lethal finally gets his handshake. 
  • Texas Cloverleaf by Lethal, Kushida gets ropes. 
  • Slow pace after Kushida gets down selling the knee. 
  • Triangle Dropkick by Lethal into the Triple Suicide Dive, The 3rd one is caught into a Fujiwara Armbar by Kushida ringside. Great catching spot there. 
  • Good sequence including a near fall rollup by Kushida and ending with a Lethal Combination putting both down. 
  • Lethal Injection by Kushida caught into a Torture Rack by Lethal. 
  • Elbow Drop by Lethal caught into a Cross Armbreaker by Kushida, Lethal pins his way out into a near fall on Kushida. 
  • Figure Four by Lethal locked in, Kushida grabs ropes. 
  • “This Is Awesome” Chants. 
  • Hard Strikefest with some disrespect mixed in, they handshake mid-way through, the strikefest speeds up with more complex strikes and Lethal calls for the Injection. 
  • Lethal Injection caught into the Hoverboard Lock by Kushida, Lethal fights out into a roll up after a Back To The Future attempt by Kushida. 
  • Back To The Future by Kushida reversed into a cutter by Lethal. 
  • Lethal Injection closes. 

Winner: Jay Lethal

Rating: ****1/4, Yep, this match just topped Aries vs. King by a mile. This match was great and technical. This match mixed High Spots and Technical Wrestling with a good rivalry very well. Mid-match, the pace slowed down to turtle speed but they picked it back up. Kushida kept popping up and catching Lethal into different armbars and did a great job of selling the knee. The rivalry here was good too as Lethal was lost without a title and Kushida was his attempt at getting a big victory. Both of these men did very well but I wasn’t surprised that they did. These two always deliver and Kushida is having a great month. 


Adam Page vs. Punishment Martinez in a Street Fight for the TV Title 

  • Page comes down with new entrance music. 
  • Punishment Martinez wears the Street Fight Jeans. 
  • Suicide Dive by Adam Page. 
  • Good feud leading up to this point with frequently canceled matches with these two because of brawling beforehand. 
  • Page whips Martinez into the corner with a chair set up. 
  • Apron Shooting Star Press by Page dodged, the Last Ride on the apron by Martinez then a chokeslam on the barricade. Two Brutal spots were taken by Page in a row getting a “Holy Shit” Chant.
  • Page dodges a Martinez knee sending him knee first into the barricade, awesome superplex off the barricade by Page. More “Holy Shit” Chants. 
  • Brutal Cradle Tombstone by Page onto a chair, near fall on Martinez. 
  • Curb-Stomp on the apron by Martinez puts Punishment back on top. 
  • Punishment zip-ties Page’s hands together 
  • Superkick by Martinez drives Page into a chair, near fall. 
  • Page spits on Martinez and fires up, Page spears Martinex through a table ringside set up on the post. 
  • Diving Moonsault to the outside by Page. 
  • Martinez boots Page off the apron into a Stacked tower of chairs. Not great delivery to a match-making spot. 
  • Martinez gets out thumbtacks. 
  • High back body drop by Page sends Martinez into the Thumbtacks.
  • South Avon Chokeslam through a table by Martinez closes. 

Winner: Punishment Martnez Retains

Rating: ***1/2, To me personally I thought this street fight was tacky (pun intended) and without much story dimension. Punishment and Page had some very good choreographed spots but in the end, the match ended up being worked a little bit underwhelming and Page very much should’ve won. After the amazing Gargano vs. Ciampa street fight 2 weeks ago this had a lot to live up to and predictably didn’t. The match itself wasn’t bad but the lack of story and logic dragged it down. 

f6e9c6df8797dd1ce5010c3fad7b0f253a29afa0r1-1024-576v2_hqThe Young Bucks vs. The Briscoes for the ROH Tag Titles

  • Two of ROH’s great all-time tag teams. 
  • Mark Briscoe and Nick Jackson start. 
  • Good Stand-off sequence early in the match. 
  • Good Tandem work from the Bucks. 
  • Redneck Bomb by The Briscoes, near fall save by Nick. 
  • Crowd Divided between the two teams. 
  • Briscoes isolating Matt Jackson. 
  • Mark inadvertently dropkicks Jay. Matt Jackson hits a Blockbuster ringside opening up a tag to Nick. 
  • Amazing Corkscrew Plancha by Nick outside then the awesome hot tag sequence by Nick hits ringside. 
  • Stereo Suicide Dives by The Bucks. 
  • Mark saves his brother from a superplex by getting Nick into a sleeper. Allowing the Briscoes to get on top again. 
  • Amazing Blockbuster off the apron by Jay to Matt ringside. 
  • Froggy Bow by Jay to Nick, near fall. 
  • Supercanrana by Nick Jackson to Mark Briscoe. 
  • Death Valley Driver by Jay Briscoe lays down the legal men triggering a “This Is Awesome” Chant. 
  • Double Superkick sequence into Double Lariats by The Briscoes. 
  • Jay Driller to Matt, very near fall save by Nick Jackson. 
  • Super Cutter by Nick to Mark, Matt rolls up Jay for a near fall. 
  • Springboard Doomsday Device by The Young Bucks imitating the Briscoes, near fall. 
  • Moonsault sequence by the Bucks on Mark, Jay hits the Froggy Bow on the referee to stop the count. 
  • Meltzer Driver to Jay, The referee barely wakes up and slowly counts to a near fall. 
  • Mark throws a chair at Nick to stop the Meltzer Driver, Jay Driller on the chair to Matt, amazing near fall. 
  • Super Redneck Boogie Bomb gets the final pin. 

Winners: The Briscoes Retain

Rating: ****3/4, This was an amazing tag match. It was so well worked in the ring and had some very believable near falls. Especially, the Jay Driller on the chair to Matt towards the end. In my opinion, this match is one of the Briscoes best and one of the best ROH matches this year. This was an amazing clash between some of the best ever ROH tag teams. Not really a MOTY contender but it was a fantastic tag team clash and one of the best tag matches since Golden Lovers Vs. The Young Bucks. Best match of the show so far. 


Marty Scurrl vs. Cody vs. Dalton Castle for the ROH World Title

  • Darker Theme and attire on Marty Scurrl. He looks badass. 
  • Cody again accompanied by Burnard and Brandi 
  • Cody vs. Nick Aldis at All In is on the line here, so Cody is almost definitely going to win.
  • Hopefully, Dalton Castle can deliver here. He has only delivered against Jay Lethal in his title reign. 
  • Cody ejects Burnard from ringside. Hopefully, this means Cody is more focused on in-ring than shenanigans. 
  • The match starts fast out of the gates. 
  • Nick Aldis and the NWA Title are ringside. 
  • Tornado DDT off the apron by Scurrl to Cody. 
  • Cody and Scurrl Strike-off back in the ring. 
  • Superplex turned into a Judo Throw by Castle to Cody for a 2 count. 
  • Chicken Wing by Scurrl on Castle, Cody joins and gets in the American Deathlock on Castle, Dalton fights out. 
  • Great Snap DDT by Cody for the match’s first near fall. 
  • Cody grabs the title to distract the ref, Cody tries to low blow Scurrl but Scurrl blocks it. 
  • Scurrl tried to go for Goldust’s Shattered Dreams but Brandi distracts Scurrl, near fall rollup by Cody. 
  • Finger Break by Scurrl to Cody and Scurrl removes the ring and puts it on. 
  • Bangarang by Castle to Scurrl, Nick Aldis pulls out the referee for a near fall. 
  • Cody Double Springboard Dives to take out Aldis. 
  • With the ref distracted, Scurrl hits Castle with the belt, ref back in counting the pin for a near fall but Cody pulls the ref out. 
  • Three men roll up sequence into a triple strikefest. Scurrl hits Castle with a hard elbow to take out both Castle and Scurrl. 
  • Scurrl throws Powder in Cody’s Face, Cross Rhodes to Scurrl, Castle pins Scurrl to a near fall. 
  • Bangarang to Scurrl rolled up for a near fall. Chicken Wing by Scurrl to Castle, Cody pulls Scurrl off but Scurrl hits a Cross Rhodes to Cody. 
  • Bangarang by Castle to Scurrl ends the match abruptly. 

Winner: Dalton Castle Retains

Rating: **1/2, this match SUCKED honestly. This is one of my least favorite main events from all of 2018. Why did Castle retain? Why was Aldis there if Cody didn’t win? Why was Scurrl beefing so hard with Cody? Why was Scurrl wearing the Jericho make up? Why did the match end so abruptly? Where were all the important spots? Honestly, as being an ROH fan for a few years I have no idea. ROH books themselves into a corner and they have the talent to make these matches awesome. Even with Cody as my favorite wrestler, I can’t justify this match. I’m confused on how ROH let this main event happen to end a good show. The match quality was fine after all and only the logic dragged this down. 

Show Grade: B-

Last Word: This was a great show with some very good matches including Kushida vs. Lethal, Aries vs. King, Page vs. Martinez and especially The Young Bucks vs. The Briscoes. This show was dragged down by the usual ROH logic by having Castle retain in a lackluster main event and have Bully Ray stand tall over more talented people like Cheeseburger and Flip Gordon. For 2018 ROH this was a very good show. 



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