Pro Wrestling Guerrilla Battle of Los Angeles 2018 Review: Night 2


Results + Star Ratings:

  • Trevor Lee defeats Marko Stunt to move on to the Second Round @9:05 **1/2
  • Jonah Rock defeats Sammy Guevara to move on to the Second Round @12:13 ****
  • Robbie Eagles defeats DJZ to move on to the Second Round @12:04 ***3/4
  • Jeff Cobb defeats Darby Allin to move on to the Second Round @9:48 ****1/2
  • Shingo Takagi defeats Ilja Dragunov to move on to the Second Round @16:22 ****3/4
  • Walter defeats Timothy Thatcher to move on to the Second Round @18:04 ****3/4
  • Stronghearts defeat Bandido, Rey Horus, and Flamita @11:47 ****3/4 

Trevor Lee vs. Marko Stunt First Round Match:

  • Originally supposed to be Chris Brookes in the place of Marko Stunt (Brookes is of Progress fame) but he is sidelined with an injury. Trevor Lee’s 5th BOLA.
  • Marko Stunt had a breakout performance in the All In “Over Budget” Battle Royal. Stunt is making his PWG debut and gets an amazing crowd reaction with the crowd throwing in fun size candy bars because his nickname is Mr.Funsize because he’s like Hornswoggle height.  
  • Trevor Lee cuts a heel promo on the size and age of Marko, Stunt takes the microphone and says “but I’m old enough to fuck your mom”. Great comedy stuff. 
  • Stunt bridges Trevor to the outside, Marko hits a great flipping huricanrana to Lee ringside. 
  • Stunt follows it up with a Swanton Bomb off the apron to Lee on a chair. 
  • Lee shoves the referee into the ropes dumping Stunt off the top rope. 
  • Huge Lariat by Lee flips Stunt. Lee continues to methodically attack Marko.
  • Single Handed Gorilla press into a Gutbuster by Lee continuing to dominate. 
  • Huricanrana by Marko seems to get him some space but Lee fires him back with an uppercut. 
  • Stunt reverses a Brainbuster in mid-air with a huricanrana spiking Lee, great mini-sequence. 
  • Strikefest, Lee slaps Marko down. Marko fires back up and hits a Sunset Flip Rolling V-Trigger.
  • Marko hits a Tilt-A-Whirl Codebreaker to get a great near fall. 
  • Lee pops up Marko but Stunt lands on the middle rope, Marko goes for a 450 but Lee dodges. Superkick by Marko. 
  • Standing Double Stomp by Lee closes the match.

Winner: Trevor Lee Moves On @9:05!

Rating: **1/2, This match while it was fun to see Marko mess around felt like it went on way too long. Marko wasn’t ever a serious threat but it was fun to see some of the flips and agility he put on display. Stunt was a last minute replacement for Chris Brookes so the fact that he put on such a fun showing is impressive. The match didn’t have any drama or urgency to it and it should’ve ended faster than it did but it wasn’t bad for what it was. 


Sammy Guevara vs. Jonah Rock First Round Match:

  • Both men in their second BOLA. Sammy Guevara is replacing an injured Travis Banks. 
  • Sammy backflips over Rock to escape him which is cool but he’s still caught with a vertical suplex from Jonah. 
  • Stiff chop in the corner by Rock knocks down Sammy. Backdrop by Rock gets extra elevation. 
  • Sammy shows an impressive amount of strength and hits a Samoan Drop for a near fall.
  • Guevara sweeps Rock off the top rope and says he’s about to put a boring rest hold on Rock and plugs his Youtube Channel.
  • Switch-Up into a DDT by Rock followed up with an elevated German Suplex getting a near fall on Rock. 
  • Uranage/Senton Combo by Rock gets another near fall. 
  • Guevara V-Triggers Rock off the apron, Guevara hits an awesome corkscrew tope taking out Jonah ringside. 
  • Sammy goes up to the balcony, Awesome Moonsault off the balcony by Sammy takes out Rock below. 
  • Shooting Star Press misses, stiff lariat by Rock turns Sammy inside out and lays both men. 
  • Strikefest, Sammy flips through a lariat into hitting a superkick. Canadian Destroyer by Guevara lays out Rock so he can hit the Shooting Star Press, great near fall. 
  • Powerbomb into the Guillotine choke by Rock, Sammy Guevara taps out. 

Winner: Jonah Rock Moves On @12:13!

Rating: ****, While the match started slow it really picked up and delivered big time. Sammy turned in a great performance with his amazing agility and the balcony moonsault and Rock did what he does best which is be an imposing monster and hit really hard. The match only got a little bit tarnished by what was a slow start and both men playing to the crowd for what felt like forever. Great match and it felt fresh compared to Night One, the Americanized style mixes with risky high flying spots and the submission finish worked this match in a different way than Night One’s hard-hitting Japanese/European Style encounters. 

bola10Robbie Eagles vs. DJZ First Round Match:

  • Robbie Eagles just after this fought as Taiji Ishimori’s tag partner is the Super Jr Tag Tournament in NJPW. DJZ’s first PWG match. Robbie Eagle’s BOLA debut. 
  • Fast Start. DJZ gets an air horn sound effect which gets a huge pop from the crowd. 
  • Leg Lariat by Eagles knocks DJZ to ringside, DJZ comes back in before Robbie can dive. The 2 do a great matching sequence.
  • DJZ goes to dive through the ropes but gets strung up which was kind of a botch, Eagles hits a Vertical Suplex ringside. 
  • DJZ charges at Eagles ringside sending him into a chair. 
  • Fallaway Slam Bridge by Eagles gets the first near fall.
  • Another Air Horn Sound Effect as DJZ flies at Eagles with a back elbow. 
  • Moonsault by DJZ to Eagles draped over the middle rope. 
  • Stiff chops in the corner by DJZ, DJZ goes for a Sunset Flip roll up by Eagles does a great reversal by rolling into a roll-up of his own. 
  • Reverserana by DJZ spikes Eagles on his head.
  • Death Valley Facebuster by DJZ followed up with a lariat but Eagles kips up and hits a series of kicks, DJZ kips up and both strike-off. DJZ lariats Eagles over the top rope and hits a great Tope con Hiro. Eagles comes back in and hits a Suicide Dive.
  • Springboard Dropkick by Eagles targets the knee of DJZ. 
  • Deadlift Ulster Plantation by Eagles gets a near fall. 
  • DJZ catches Eagles into a Tombstone and follows it up with a Flying Snap DDT for a great near fall. The arena is so shocked that Eagles kicked out that the lights went off.
  •  Avalanche Huricanrana by Eagles followed up by a 450 on the leg of DJZ. Eagles locks in an Inverted Figure 4 to tap out DJZ. 

Winner: Robbie Eagles Moves On @12:04!

Rating:***3/4, This was a really fun high flying match. While not all of the work was clean, the pace kept great and the air horn sound effects and the crowd making their own versions was great unintentional comedy stuff. For some reason the lights go out towards the end of the match, that was weird. DJZ delivered a great performance and similar to PCO it is a shame we won’t get to see another match from him because they’re both from companies I don’t get around to watching. However, Robbie Eagles is becoming a break out star with more time in New Japan and performances like this one will keep him in the mainstream.

bola8Jeff Cobb vs. Darby Allin First Round Match:

  • Darby Allin’s PWG debut, Jeff Cobb’s 3rd Battle of Los Angeles appearance.
  • Cobb absolutely chucks around Allin, Allin tells the crowd to be quiet and calls for a test of strength with Cobb. Amazing flying arm drag by Allin sends Cobb to ringside. 
  • After a while of dodging Cobb, Allin finally hits the Suicide Dive. In-ring, Cobb shrugs off a crossbody from Allin. Cobb beals Allin across the ring into the other corner. 
  • Stiff clubbing strike in the corner by Cobb, Allin tries to strike at Cobb but Jeff gets him back in the corner and hits a hard chop. German Suplex by Cobb lays out Allin. 
  • Pop-Up Sledgehammer by Cobb slams Allin down, Jeff Irish whips Allin hard into the corner.
  • Cobb deadlifts Allin from the apron and chucks Darby from a waistlock across the ring. Cobb hits an F5 getting a standing ovation from the crowd and a near fall. 
  • Cobb overhead suplexes Allin brutally into the corner, Allin jumps over Cobb and shotgun dropkicks him into the corner. Allin hits a comeback sequence and torpedoes off the middle rope onto Cobb for a near fall. More crowd standing ovation.
  • Amazing coffin drop by Allin to Cobb ringside, in-ring Alin goes for a lionsault but is caught by Cobb and hits a stunner to escape. Canadian Destroyer by Allin for a near fall. 
  • Diving Coffin Drop in-ring by Allin, another great near fall. Allin heads to the top again and tries to Coffin Drop Cobb on the apron but Cobb dodges and Allin falls spine first on the apron, German Suplex off the middle rope by Cobb closes the match. 

Winner: Jeff Cobb Moves On @9:48!

Rating: ****1/2, This is easily my favorite match of the 2 nights so far. Both men turned in fantastic performances but especially Darby Allin. Allin was crazy in this match hitting the Coffin Drop off of everything but having the move eventually cost him the match. Cobb did an amazing job as the brute in this match, making Allin have to work really hard to take him down. These 2 had great chemistry and the dynamic was perfect. These matches all feel really long because of the absolutely packed layouts they have but my one complaint about this match is it could’ve gone longer. The crowd was insanely invested and with Evolve being secretly part of WWE now I would love to see Allin have performances like this in NXT. 

bola2-1Ilja Dragunov vs. Shingo Takagi First Round Match:

  • Ilja and Shingo teamed in the Main Event last night. Both men are in their BOLA debuts.
  • Stiff chop against the ropes by Takagi but Dragunov returns the favor. A sequence of evenly matched moves into the senton by Ilja.
  • Dragunov hits a suicide dive to Takagi ringside. 
  • Death Valley Driver by Takagi, Ilja tried to hang onto the ropes but that made the impact even harder.
  • Shigo dominates for a bit, Ilja tries to strike back but Shingo hits a two-handed chop blasting Dragunov back down. Senton by Takagi for the first near fall. Dragunov gets back up and tries to strike but collapses. 
  • Sit-Out Powerbomb off the middle rope by Dragunov, Shingo rolls away from Ilja to escape the pin.
  • Crucifix Roll up by Dragunov gets a near fall.
  • Strike Sequence by Shingo ending with a stiff lariat knocks Dragunov down. Snap Brainbuster by Takagi for another near fall. 
  • Made In Japan attempt from Shingo fails, Strikefest turns into stiff chops from both and an enzugiri from Dragunov knocks down Takagi for another near fall. 
  • Dragunov goes to the top but Shingo rolls away, Ilja hits a Coast to Coast Dropkick across the ring and follows it up with a Blue Thunder Bomb, near fall.
  • Top Rope headbutt battle into a superplex by Takagi, Takagi aggravates the lower back that was hurt on the Sit-Out powerbomb earlier.
  • Elbow strikes by Shingo collapse Ilja, Dragunov fires up and the 2 lariat each other hard as fuck. Saito Suplex by Ija but Shingo fires with an exploder suplex. Lariat by Shingo but Dragunov hits a Rebound Lariat and gets a near fall. Diving Senton by Ilja for a very very near fall. INCREDIBLE sequence. 
  • Catching Death Valley Driver by Takagi, Corner Lariat and a botched German Suplex by Shingo goes for a near fall.
  • Made in Japan by Shingo fails again, Dragunov hits a series of strikes into a DDT/Dropkick combo. Shingo catches Dragunov running and hits Made in Japan for an awesome near fall. 
  • Another huge lariat by Takagi followed by another Made in Japan. 

Winner: Shingo Takagi Moves On @16:22!

Rating: ****3/4, Okay just as I said the last match was my favorite match from BOLA so far this goes and tops it. This match was intense and hit really hard. Dragunov is incredible he’s one of the cleanest working, hardest-hitting, and best selling wrestlers I’ve ever seen. Shingo Takagi was pretty good too. The match itself had a lot of awesome near falls and for the first match, tonight didn’t rely heavily on dives which was refreshing. This match was just two heavyweights hitting the crap out of each other and moving faster than they should be. The bumps were hard and the crowd was into it at the end. In the beginning, the crowd was exhausted from the night of action but the work in this match lit a fire in the Globe Theatre. 

bola7Walter vs. Timothy Thatcher First Round Match:

  • Rematch from Progress Chapter 62 which was a fantastic match. Walter is the current PWG champion. These 2 are part of Ringkampf. The second BOLA for both men. 
  • Thatcher refuses to handshake Walter.
  • Very technical start as would be expected.
  • Bow and Arrow Stretch by Thatcher transitioned into a roll up but Walter kicks out at 1. 
  • Stiff clubs by Walter into a sleeper hold attempt that fails, Thatcher catches Walter off the big boot and transitions into a Boston Crab. Thatcher mounts Walter and slaps him hard, Thatcher tries to get into the Cross Armbreaker but Walter keeps the hands together, Walter brutally stomps on the head of Thatcher to escape. Walter hits 2 brutal Penalty Kicks to the back of Thatcher.
  • Walter has been striking extra brutally in this match. 
  • Brutal chop into a hard boot to the face by Walter knocking out Thatcher, JESUS.
  • Stiff elbow strikes from both men but Walter knocks out Thatcher again with the stiffest elbow strike. 
  • Walter clubs Thatcher while he’s strung up in the ropes, Sheamus-Style but much harder. Thatcher catches the 3rd one and elbow strikes Walter, Walter puts Thatcher over the top rope and steps on his neck bending him over the top rope. 
  • Brutal Chop by Walter again knocks Thatcher down, Walter hits another one but Thatcher ducks the 3rd one and jabs Walter down with a right hand. 
  • The match goes to the outside as they continue to hit each other way too hard. Vertical Suplex ringside by Thatcher sends Walter hard into the floor. 
  • Brainbuster on the apron by Walter, Thatcher has taken SOOO much in this match. 
  • Saito Suplex attempt by Thatcher but Walter collapses himself onto Thatcher in a cover for a near fall.
  • German Suplex and Saito Suplex by Thatcher for another near fall. 
  • Clubbing lariat into a powerbomb by Walter, near fall. 
  • Strikefest into a German suplex by Walter.
  • Fujiwara Armbar locked in by Thatcher, Thatcher transitions into a sleeper but Walter powers out. 
  • Thatcher locks in the sleeper again, Walter climbs the turnbuckle and backdrops onto Thatcher from the middle rope. 
  • Uranage by Walter for another near fall. 
  • Another stiff lariat by Walter wins the match.

Winner: Walter Moves On @18:04!

Rating: ****3/4, This match hit harder than any other match I’ve ever seen. However, it lacked the drama that the Walter vs. Thatcher match from Progress had. I liked this match more though because it was just such a hard-hitting affair. These 2 absolutely beat the shit out of each other for close to 20 minutes and it was a hard watch. The match was insanely technical and that was a new style we haven’t seen in the 2 nights so far. The crowd is exhausted and that was felt a bit in this match but this also wasn’t a match to be super loud about. It was a fight, a genuine fight and one of the more convincing wrestling matches I’ve seen. Walter is on a tear in 2018 and just continues it here. 

Bandido, Rey Horus, and Flamita vs. STRONGHEARTS (Desmond Xavier, Zachary Wentz and CIMA):

  • Wentz and Flamita start the match. The match goes Lucha Rules so tags aren’t made. 
  • Bandido hits a Diving Crossbody taking out Xavier, Tilt-A-Whirl Huricanrana by Bandido sends Xavier ringside. 
  • The Rascalz and Bandido and Flamita face-off, rematch from Neon Knights earlier this year which was an incredible match. Both teams hit the Floss but also hit double superkicks taking out everyone. 
  • Fast sequence from Horus and CIMA, CIMA suplexes Bandido while having Flamita in the Indian Deathlock. 
  • Diving Codebreaker by Wentz takes out Horus.
  • Wheelbarrow by Bandido assists Flamita into moonsaulting Wentz, awesome spot. 
  • Wentz dives off the back of CIMA to the outisde, Xavier follows and hits an awesome Sasuke Special diving out everyone. 
  • Dive Sequence by the Stronghearts to Bandido, Bandido kicks out at one and fires up but it met with stereo superkicks by the Rascalz. 
  • DDT on the apron by Flamita to Xavier, hard landing. 
  • Horus hits a Tornado off the top rope to ringside, Bandido pops up Flamita for the elevated Tope Con Hilo to outside, Bandido hits an awesome Diving Corkscrew. Awesome dive sequence.
  • Pop-Up Tornado DDT by Horus helped by Bandito, 450 Splash by Flamita on Xavier gets a near fall.
  • Amazing backhandspring Pele kick by Xavier to Horus, Fantastic springboard german suplex by Bandido to Xavier gets a near fall. Eruption from the crowd. 
  • Strike Sequence in the corner by Stronghearts into a Meteora by CIMA for another near fall. Amazing Moonsault by Wentz, Xavier pushing it onto Bandido gets the win. 

Winners: Stronghearts @11:47!

Rating: ****3/4, I could never actually describe how this match went. Taking notes on it was really hard. These 2 did moves I’ve never seen before and topped all of the flippy shit I’ve ever seen. This was like if the All In main event didn’t have to end early. This was really fun and was worked shockingly well for how much these guys were doing in such a short amount of time.

Show Grade: A+

Last Word: Night 2 had something for every wrestling fan. The show had intense brawling, crazy flips, technical wrestling, and established characters. BOLA has been stacked this year and has delivered some of the best wrestling all year. The finals will be insane. This show had a lot of matches that were really close to 5 stars but the only missing component was a storyline. In the finals, there will be that story so my hopes are really high for a 5-star match. Regardless of star ratings, there were 3 fantastic matches to close the show and PWG establishes itself as one of the best wrestling companies in an in-ring standpoint in the world. What a show!

MOTN: Shingo Takagi vs. Ilja Dragunov



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