PWG Battle Of Los Angeles 2018 Finals Review


Results + Star Ratings:

  • Trevor Lee defeats Brody King @14:17 to move on to the Semi-Finals ***1/4
  • Jeff Cobb defeats Rey Horus @9:05 to move on to the Semi-Finals ***1/2
  • Shingo Takagi defeats Robbie Eagles @10:05 to move on to the Semi-Finals ****1/2
  • Joey Janela defeats CIMA @14:25 to move on to the Semi-Finals ***1/2
  • Walter defeats Jonah Rock @5:21 to move on to the Semi-Finals ***
  • Bandido defeats Flamita @10:57 to move on to the Semi-Finals ****1/4
  • The Rascalz defeats The Lucha Bros @11:15 to retain the PWG Tag Team Titles ****3/4
  • Jeff Cobb defeats Trevor Lee @0:18 to move on to the Finals N/A
  • Bandido defeats Joey Janela @14:27 to move on to the Finals *****
  • Shingo Takagi defeats Walter @17:24 to move on to the Finals ****3/4
  • Team PCO defeats Team DJZ in the Consolation Tag Match @18:23 ****1/2
  • Jeff Cobb defeats Bandido and Shingo Takagi to win Battle of Los Angeles 2018 @23:52 *****

Brody King vs. Trevor Lee Second Round:

  • Pre-Match heel promo from Trevor Lee, Lee calls out King for being a stereotypical atheist and Trevor calls himself the “God of PWG”. King attacks Lee starting the match. 
  • King lariats Lee to the outside and follows it up with a suicide dive attempt but Lee dodges, King comes to ringside to attack Trevor. King hits a chop to Trevor on a chair and then against the post. They fight deeper into the crowd but they come back and King hits the post chop again but misses sending his hand into the steel. 
  • Chokeslam by King sends Lee into the apron. 
  • Lee hits 4 apron Penalty Kicks followed by a cannonball to King ringside. 
  • Stiff chops in the corner by Lee, King fights back with strikes of his own but Lee catches him with a dropkick and continues to dominate. 
  • Huricanrana attempt by King reversed into a powerbomb by Lee and Trevor continues to control the match. 
  • Stiff big boot by King begins the comeback sequence, King hits a huricanrana into a cannonball to Lee set up against the ropes for the first near fall.
  • Lee bridges King to outside to try the dive but King rolls back in, Trevor adjusts and hits a moonsault to a standing Brody, near fall. Lee gets up and hits a Running PK for another near fall.
  • Strike sequence into a lariat by King flipping Lee gets a near fall.
  • Standing Double Stomp by Lee, very near fall. Lee inadvertently over-covers King getting Brody’s shoulder up.
  • Brainbuster by King followed into a Deep Six for a near fall. 
  • King seems to have a little bit of a back injury gained in his first round brawl against PCO.
  • While the referee is distracted, Lee hits a low blow and rolls up King for a great near fall. 
  • King goes for a running crossbody but Lee flips through into a pin getting the win and advancing. 

Winner: Trevor Lee Moves On! @14:17

Rating: ***1/4, This was a pretty solid brawl but suffered from King showing some effects from his banger against PCO leading to the match being worked slower and King lacking the fire and agility he always has. Trevor Lee was great though and carried most of the match. The end got very competitive and King began to fire up until Lee eventually beat him with the smart flip through finish. 

Rey Horus vs. Jeff Cobb Second Round Match:

  • A pop-up by Cobb reversed into a huricanrana by Horus, Rey begins the momentum. 
  • Guillotine Leg Drop by Horus for the first near fall.
  • Cobb pops-up Horus and follows it up with a huge lariat.
  • Jeff beals Horus from corner to corner, follows it up with a stiff chop and beals Horus again for a near fall. 
  • Fallaway Slam/Standing Moonsault combo by Cobb for another near fall. 
  • Cobb catches Horus off the Swinging DDT and hits an Elevated F5, solid reversal spot.
  • Horus dodges Cobb sending him into the post, Springboard Dropkick by Horus sends Cobb to ringside. Springboard Plancha to the outside by Horus, Horus rolls Cobb in-ring for a near fall. 
  • Pop-Up by Cobb reversed into a Tornado DDT by Horus for another near fall. 
  • Swanton Bomb by Horus misses, Cobb catches a Tornado DDT attempt and hits the Tour of the Islands Slam to win and advance. 

Winner: Jeff Cobb Moves On @9:05!

Rating: ***1/2, This was a really fun sprint and was one of the shortest matches on the entire BOLA card but that wasn’t an issue. Jeff Cobb continues to do a great job as the hulking olympian and Horus did an amazing job of being the underdog luchador but eventually failing, The pace was worked very well and while it was nothing revolutionary it was a solidly good use of 10 minutes. 

Shingo Takagi vs. Robbie Eagles Second Round Match:

  • Eagles takes Shingo off the apron and hits a Tope Con Hilo through the ropes to Takagi outside.
  • A little bit of crowd fighting, Robbie sends Shingo into the post but Takagi ducks a kick sending Eagles’ leg into the post. 
  • Dragon Screw over the middle rope by Takagi and Shingo continues to work the leg. 
  • Strikefest, Shingo punches Robbie to the outside but Eagles rebounds and hits a leg lariat, Double knees in the corner by Eagles.
  • Standing Sliced Bread by Eagles for the first near fall. 
  • Diving 450 by Robbie misses, Shingo follows it up with a Dragon Screw again targeting the leg. 
  • Shingo goes for the Figure 4 but Robbie kicks him away, Takagi returns with a sliding lariat for a near fall.
  • Landslide by Eagles for another near fall.
  • Eagles tries to lariat Shingo down but Takagi catches him with a Death Valley Driver.
  • Made in Japan attempt fails, Leg Lariat attempt by Eagles misses and the Made in Japan hits for Shingo and an awesome near fall. Takagi comes back with a huge lariat for another awesome near fall. Standing Ovation from the crowd. 
  • Avalanche huricanrana by Eagles, Robbie follows it up with a 450 Splash but can’t immediately capitalize due to the knee and Takagi escapes a near fall. 
  • Great strikefest into a Pop-Up powerbomb by Takagi, near fall. Shingo transitions into an STF tapping out Eagles.

Winner: Shingo Takagi Moves On @10:05!

Rating: ****1/2, Another amazing match in BOLA from Takagi. These 2 flew at each other for 10 minutes and delivered one of the top matches from the tournament. While Eagles took a step up here in facing a legitimate heavyweight while he was still a high flyer the dynamic worked really well and the pace kept up the entire time. Eagles delivered a performance of a lifetime and Shingo did a great job of working the leg and taking offense from Eagles. My one complaint about this match was that Eagles kept doing things with the injured leg he shouldn’t have been able to do like kick Tagaki with a step-up enzugiri or run around at 100 MPH like he did, I guess it isn’t really PWG’s style to go into full effect in selling an injury so that was just a minor gripe. 

CIMA vs Joey Janela Second Round Match:

  • The crowd is behind Joey Janela.
  • Slower more technical start.
  • Double knees in the corner by CIMA, CIMA hits a diving double knee to the back of Janela drapes against the ropes for the first near fall.
  • Janela throws CIMA to the outside and runs at him with a Diving Elbow off the apron. 
  • A little bit of submission wrestling but CIMA locks in an Indian Deathlock and Joey gets the ropes.
  • Diving Stomp by CIMA followed by a knee drop gets a near fall on Janela. 
  • Chop battle into an elbow strike by Joey knocking CIMA outside, Janela hits a great diving crossbody from the top rope to the outside wiping out CIMA. In-ring, Diving Stomp by Janela for a near fall. 
  • 2 Inverted Fisherman Busters hit by CIMA for another near fall. 
  • Meteora by CIMA hits off all the bottom and middle turnbuckles but Janela dodges the top rope Meteora. 
  • Super Fisherman Buster by CIMA followed up with a successful top rope Meteora for an awesome near fall. 
  • Superkick by Janela wins the match. 

Winner: Joey Janela Moves On @14:25!

Rating: ***1/2, This was a weird match up as it was a Japanese legend versus a dastardly American bad boy. The match started slow and felt like nothing happened in the first 5 minutes but eventually, it looked like they figured each other out and got it together for a great closing sequence. The match was worked at one of the slowest paces of the weekend but it just felt all the better when it picked up. The Super Brainbuster/ Meteora combo by CIMA that got an awesome near fall made me invested to the fact that either of these guys could’ve won. Unfortunately, it was given a bit of a dead spot after the awesome Eagles vs. Takagi match and the crowd only got into it for the final moments of the match. Joey Janela advances and I’m excited to see what else the bad boy can do in this tournament. 

Walter vs. Jonah Rock Second Round Match:

  • Jonah Rock attacks Walter before he can get in the ring and Rock continues to fight with Walter in the crowd but Walter fights back. Rock spears Walter into the post and rolls back in-ring. 
  • Superplex by Walter lays both out and the match is officially started.
  • Big Boot/Stiff Lariat combo by Walter lays out Rock. 
  • Strikefest but Walter wins with a brutal chop. 
  • DDT by Rock to escape the Sleeper Hold attempt from Walter gets the first near fall.
  • Bodyslam by Walter followed up with a Bonsai Drop gets a near fall. Samoan Drop by Rock knocks Walter down.
  • Uranage/Senton/Brainbuster combo by Rock gets another near fall. 
  • Rock goes for a moonsault by Walter rips him off the middle rope with a German Suplex. 
  • Rock goes Roman Reigns and hits a Superman Punch and tries a spear but Walter hits him with a big boot to stop it. 
  • Walter hits a Sleeper Hold to weaken Rock and transitions into a powerbomb for the win. 

Winner: Walter Moves On @5:24!

Rating: ***, I was really excited for this match as it should’ve been 2 Super Heavyweight clubbing the shit out of each other. Instead, it was a little bit of brawling and a quick win by Walter. Rock got some offense in but neither men had the opportunity to shine in a match that should’ve been a Match of the Tournament Contender. 

Flamita vs. Bandido Second Round Match:

  • This should be an absolute lucha classic. Two tag team partners who have had amazing years should tear this house down. 
  • The crowd is very excited before the match even starts.
  • Show of respect in a hug before the match. 
  • Bandido isn’t taken down by a shoulder block and flosses, Flamita flosses as well. Fortnite is quite a game, isn’t it? The referee flosses too and gets a huge pop.
  • Double big boots take both men down.
  • Both men springboard to each other from different sides of the ring and go into a stare down. 
  • Tilt-A-Whirl huricanrana by Flamita reversed the Angle Slam attempt by Bandido. 
  • Chop Battle on the apron, Flamita hits a DDT on the apron. Amazing Shooting Star Press off the apron by Flamita taking out Bandido ringside. 
  • Bandido dropkicks Flamita off the apron and follows it up with a super elevated Tope Con Hiro. 
  • Flamita catches Bandido in mid-air with a dropkick for a near fall. 
  • Great sequence in the corner into a Muscle Buster Lung Blower by Flamita for another near fall. 
  • Tilt-A-Whirl Piledriver by Bandido but Flamita hops back up and hits a Shining Wizard Kick to take both out. 
  • Fast chopfest, Flamita rocks Bandido with a right hand. Superkick by Flamita. Standing Spanish Fly also by Flamita for a near fall. 
  • Tiger Driver by Flamita knocks Bandido down for the 450 Splash by Flamita getting another near fall on Bandido. 
  • Inverted GTS/Sit-out Powerbomb combo by Bandido for a near fall.
  • Bandido attempts to hit a Tilt-A-Whirl but Flamita catches him with a German Suplex and gets a very near fall. 
  • Pop-Up Mid-Kick by Bandido followed up with a Springboard German Suplex for the win. 

Winner: Bandido Moves On @10:57

Rating: ****1/4, While there is a tad bit of disappointment that these two didn’t go absolutely crazy this match was still very fun. These 2 are some of the best luchadores in the world currently and maybe all-time and they can work a very fast pace while hitting insane moves very cleanly. The crowd energy was off the charts and I was fully ready for a five-star match and while I didn’t get that the product was very entertaining. These 2 did some moves I’ve never seen before like Bandido’s insane Tilt-A-Whirl Piledriver or Flamita’s Muscle Buster Lung Blower. The Springboard Staredown was also an awesome moment and this was a showcase on how far Lucha Wrestling has come. 

The Rascalz vs. The Lucha Brothers (Pentagon Jr and Fenix) for the PWG Tag Team Titles:

  • Rascalz took the masks of Feniz and Penta and are mocking their ring entrances.
  • Xavier and Pentagon start the match.
  • The mocking from Rascalz continue through the opening stages of the match and is great comedy stuff. 
  • Stiff chop by Penta after he takes off the glove, Xaver takes off his glove and returns the favor. 
  • Another Lucha Showcase on our hands. 
  • Slingblade by Penta, Xavier returns the favor with one of his own. Double Cero Miedo taunts and both men tag the wrong person confused on who’s who. This is great. 
  • Fenix Wents and the actual Fenix face off. 
  • Great sequence from Fenix and Wentz trying each other’s moves with Wentz hitting Fenix’s signature Hopscotch Huricanrana. 
  • The Lucha Bros unmask Wentz and Xavier so the games finally stop.
  • Stereo Superkicks by The Rascalz send the Lucha Bros ringside for stereo suicide dives, Lucha Bros come back in to hit Stereo Tope con Hiros. 
  • Great Sequence of kicks from all 4 men all get taken down. 
  • Corner Dropkick by Wentz to Fenix sends him all the way to ringside. 
  • Tandem Stomp Combination by The Rascalz to Penta gets a near fall. 
  • Great Rebound Roundhouse/Superkick Combo by The Lucha Bros into the Wheelbarrow Splash getting a near fall.
  • Diving Stomp/Powerbomb Combo by the Lucha Bros, near fall on Xavier. 
  • Amazing Backspring Elbow attempt by Xavier caught with a Superkick by Fenix, Wentz hits a cutter on Fenix, Penta hits a Canadian Destroyer on Wentz. Awesome Sequence.
  • 619 around the post by Xavier to Penta.
  • Diving Stomp/Package Piledriver combo on the apron by the Lucha Bros to Wentz. In-ring the same move hits on Xavier and Fenix hits a suicide dive to Wentz ringside to stop him from making the save. Amazing near fall. 
  • Swanton Bomb/Sky Twister by Rascalz to Penta, Fenix comes into make the save but Xavier moves out of the way and Fenix hits a Swanton accidentally to Pentagon. 
  • Assisted Moonsault by The Rascalz to Fenix closes the match.

Winners: The Rascalz Retain @11:15!

Rating: ****3/4, This was almost what I expected Flamita vs. Bandido to be. An absolute lucha classic. These guys flew around the ring and hit insane spots like I expected them to. Sometimes it is hard to be shocked at these guys doing INSANE things when the Stronghearts vs. Horus, Flamita, and Bandido main event of Night 2 resembled this match. However, The Diving Stomp Piledriver on the apron by the Lucha Bros is one of the most brutal tag moves I’ve ever seen. Also, The Rascalz pretending to be Penta and Fenix in the early stages was hilarious. Of the 3 DVD’s this match is in my Top 3 favorite matches so far. It was just all around good time and it was also really hard again to take notes on because these guys were always doing something crazy. 

Jeff Cobb vs. Trevor Lee Semi-Final Match:

  • Trevor Lee tries to deliver another pre-match promo but Cobb stops him with a series of suplexes.
  • Tour of the Islands by Cobb puts Trevor Lee away in under 20 seconds advancing Jeff to the finals.

Winner: Jeff Cobb Moves to the Finals @0:18

Rating: N/A, Jeff Cobb is positioned as an unbeatable monster going into the finals and Trevor Lee gets his mouth shut after trash talking his way through the tournament. Good stuff even though there was no match. Cobb puts away one of the favorites to win the tournament and PWG shocks the audience in attendance. 

Bandido vs. Joey Janela Semi-Final Match:

  • Both had amazing showings at All In, the same month that BOLA happened. 
  • Handshake showing respect before the match gets going. 
  • Great mini-sequence from the 2 but Janela shuts it down after rocking Bandido with a stiff jab.
  • Handstand by Bandido to escape a lariat but Janela superkicks him down. Snap Suplex by Joey follows for the first near fall. 
  • Crossbody by Bandido to Janela against the ropes sends him ringside, Bandido fires at him with a suicide dive.
  • Amazing Corkscrew Dive by Bandido takes out Janela set up on a chair ringside.
  • Strikefest on the apron, Janela hits a Death Valley Driver on the apron and follows it up with an Inverted DDT on the apron. Bandido took rough landings on both. In-ring, Janela goes for a pin but gets a near fall. 
  • Amazing Diving Tornado by Bandido for a near fall.
  • Super Brainbuster by Janela gets a great near fall on Dido. 
  • Janela brings in a chair, Janela sets Bandido up on the chair but Bandido superkicks him back. Bandido hits an awesome springboard German Suplex into the chair, one of my favorite spots of the year and gets another great near fall almost putting Janela away. 
  • Joey dodges Bandido flying from the top but catches him on the ground with a superkick, near fall. Janela superkicks Bandido again but Bandido kicks out at on and fires up. 
  • Deadlift Piledriver by Bandido gets yet another great near fall. 
  • More chairs brought in the ring by Bandido, and fans help Bandido make a pile of chairs. Superkick by Janela sends Bandido into the pile of chairs.
  • Janela sets up a chair bridge, they fight on the top rope above the bridge but Bandido gets the upper hand. Amazing Backflipping Fallaway Slam off the top rope by Bandido sends Janela into the chair bridge and closes the match. 

Winner: Bandido Moves on the Finals @14:27!

Rating: *****, This was insane and one of the most fun matches I’ve ever seen. These dudes went crazy and the extreme American style mixed perfectly with the insane lucha libre of Bandido. The match involved spots that I would never think of and Excalibur on commentary sold each near fall like crazy. I was really invested in who would win while being absolutely shocked at what they were able to pull off. Without a shadow of a doubt, this is my favorite match from this year’s tournament as it wasn’t just Lucha Flips or Hard Bumps but it was an investing encounter with the crowd hot as hell. 

Shingo Takagi vs. Walter Semi-Final Match:

  • This will be hard-hitting, to say the least.
  • Shoulder tackle battle but Walter tries to grab in the sleeper but Takagi breaks free, Big boot by Walter knocks down Takagi.
  • Stuff chop by Shingo but Walter escapes a counter strike and hits a shoulder block to finally take Walter off his feet.
  • 4 consecutive elbow drops all from different heights by Takagi ending with one of the top rope for the first near fall.
  • Strikefest, Walter sends Takagi to ringside. A brawl ensues ringside, Walter hits a big backdrop sending Takagi into the apron. Walter rolls Takagi in the ring for a near fall. 
  • Walter stands on the neck of Takagi over the top rope sending Takagi down to the apron, Walter is beginning to dominate this match. 
  • Shingo unsuccessfully tries to bodyslam Walter but eats a vertical suplex by Walter instead. 
  • Walter clubs Shingo in between the ropes Sheamus-Style but a lot harder, Shingo falls to ringside. 
  • Dragon Screw Leg Whip by Takagi takes Walter down and gives him space. 
  • Takagi displays a lot of strength and hits a vertical suplex to Walter.
  • 3 Consecutive lariats in the corner by Shingo, Takagi dodges a dropkick by Walter and capitalizes with a sliding lariat but Shingo can’t capitalize for the pin. 
  • Saito Suplex attempt by Shingo but Walter shifts his weight to fall directly on Shingo. 
  • Hard lariats by Takagi but Walter hits a hard boot/German Suplex combo and follows it up with a very stiff lariat for a near fall.
  • Stiff strikes sent by both men, horrible chop by Walter and the crowd literally screams. Jesus Christ. “Holy Shit” chants from the stiffness of the chop by Walter. 
  • Saito Suplex by Takagi is finally successful but only gets a 2 count/ 
  • Made in Japan attempt by Takagi, Walter escapes but Takagi lariats him in the corner. Walter runs at Takagi and hits a dropkick, follows it up with a powerbomb but transitions the pin into the Boston Crab. Walter transitions into a very wrenched in STF but his grip breaks to just let Takagi out of the hold.
  • Walter strikes at a kneeling Takagi but Shingo fires up and hits an insane Death Valley Driver on Walter for a great near fall. 
  • Uranage by Walter plants Takagi and gets another near fall.
  • Chops by Walter but he maintains wrist control to hit a consecutive chop but Shingo breaks free and hits a flurry of lariats but Walter chops back. Shingo hits a final lariat to pick up a shock win. 

Winner: Shingo Takagi Moves On @17:24!

Rating: ****3/4, This match was a technical showcase very similar to the Walter vs. Timothy Thatcher match from Night 2. However, this match brought the fire from Shingo Takagi playing a great underdog and firing up to shake off Walter’s strikes and pick up the shock win. Walter has been established as an absolute monster and Takagi had finally slain him and the crowd lost their minds. The finish also protects Walter from looking weak because it wasn’t definitive and moved very fast. The stiff strikes in this match were mostly nothing compared to the strikes in the Thatcher vs. Walter match however the absolutely disgustingly hard chop by Walter got genuine screams from the crowd and was a hard moment to watch for a second. Walter played the hits but Takagi really shined here. Takagi in the finals versus the other BOLA MVP Contender Bandido and the monstrous olympian Jeff Cobb will be interesting to watch. 

Team PCO (Darby Allin, Dan Barry, Puma King, PCO, and Jody Fleisch) vs. Team DJZ (David Starr, DJZ, Timothy Thatcher, T-Hawk, and Adam Brooks) Consolation Tag Match:

  • David Starr does the awesome pre-match intro but Darby Allin interrupts him. 
  • DJZ and Puma King start the match. 
  • Solid mini-sequence from King and DJZ feeling very lucha-technical. DJZ brings more of the air horn sound effects.
  • Amazing corkscrew springboard armdrag by DJ to King. 
  • Avalanche Headscissors by King to DJ followed by a diving crossbody. 
  • King dropkicks DJ to ringside but Starr stops the dive to heel heat. 
  • Starr superkicks King to ringside but chooses to go after Darby Allin instead of hitting the dive. 
  • Allin and Starr face-off, another good mini-sequence. Capped off by a counter stunner by Allin taking out Starr. 
  • Good sequence by Fleisch and Hawk with Jody trying hard to escape the chops. 
  • Triangle Kick by Brooks to Dan Barry in the ropes for the first near fall. 
  • Strike-off from Thatcher and PCO. 
  • Allin tries to Coffin Drop Thatcher but Thatcher catches him in the Sleeper and places him in the Tree of Woe, Team DJZ wipes Team PCO off the apron and hits a 4-way dropkick to Allin in the corner.
  • Dan Barry goes 5-1 and pulls out a finger gun and takes out the other team. Amazing comedy stuff. PCO puts the finger gun in his mouth, Brooks grabs the finger gun from Barry and shoots PCO. PWG is fun.
  • Canadian Destroyer by Allin to Hawk, Starr breaks the pib,
  • Brooks tries to go for the dive but PCO revives and stops Brooks. Pop-up powerbomb by PCO to Brookes. Puma King and PCO tandem take out Brooks. King and PCO throw DJZ into diving out on everyone. Brooks comes back to attack King and PCO with a chair. Starr joins him and it looks like their gonna dive off the chairs but they sit on them and taunt. Dan Barry hits a great corkscrew tope and Allin hits a Coffin Drop to the outside. Puma King powerbombs DJZ into the sea of people outside and King hits a tornado dive to everyone. Jody hits an amazing Springboard Shooting Star Press dive to everyone, PCO hits a diving moonsault taking everyone out. One of the best dive sequences I’ve ever seen. 
  • PCO rolls Starr to the other side and tries to dive out but Starr catches him with an apron DDT. PCO grabs Starr in a Tombstone and PCO chokeslams DJZ and Hawk at the same time that he piledrives Starr. 
  • Brooks hits an awesome super Canadian destroyer to PCO. 
  • Jody Fleisch hits an awesome 720 tornado DDT to Brooks. Thatcher lariats Jody out. Thatcher gets Dan Barry in the sleeper hold but PCO hits a Swanton Bomb to help Barry escape but it fails so PCO pins Thatcher over Barry to win the match anyway. 

Winners: Team PCO

Rating: ****1/2, This was genuinely the most fun 10-Man tag I’ve witnessed. It had the great PWG charm to it and every wrestler who got knocked out in the first round got a chance to shine on Night 3. PCO especially. The Dive sequence was absolutely insane and these dudes tore the house down while being absolutely hilarious. I don’t think a wrestling match has made me laugh more than this one. The in-ring work was great too as BOLA gets some of the top talents from across the world for this tournament so big deal wrestlers like David Starr, Darby Allin, Adam Brooks, Timothy Thatcher, and DJZ were thrown in there with comic relief guys like PCO, Puma King, and Dan Barry. It was a fun mix of work rate and comedic relief and the best 10-man tag I’ve seen in November, yeah I’m talking to you Survivor Series. 

Bandido vs. Jeff Cobb vs. Shingo Takagi Final Match:

  • The match goes by Elimination Rules. 
  • Everybody shakes hands. 
  • Strike tandem sequence by Shingo and Bandido takes Cobb ringside, Takagi elevates Bandido for an elevated Tope con Hiro to Cobb ringside.
  • Chain Superplex led by Cobb powerbombing Shingo who superplexes Bandido. 
  • Shingo and Bandido team up to hit a vertical suplex on Cobb. Shingo suckers in Bandido with a handshake but ends up rocking him with a right hand.
  • Hard Superkick by Bandido to Cobb gets the first near fall. 
  • Superkick/Death Valley Driver combo by Takagi and Bandido takes out Cobb.
  • Springboard Crossbody by Bandido takes Shingo out.
  • Bandido tries to get his opponents to floss with him but neither do, Shingo hits a DDT/Flatliner combo on Cobb and Bandido. 
  • Widow’s Peak Facebuster by Takagi on Cobb, Hugle lariat by Shingo but Cobb rolls ringside to avoid pinfall. 
  • Shingo takes Bandido to the top rope, Bandido hits the awesome Flipping Fallaway Slam to put away Shingo and ruin his BOLA 2018 hopes. Proved to be a fatal mistake for Takagi taking Bandido to the top. 
  • Bandido and Cobb face-off and they handshake. 
  • Bandido works the leg of Cobb but Cobb spins Bandido across the ring by his mask, brute show of strength. 
  • Stiff uppercut by Cobb flips Bandido.
  • Cobb brings Bandido to the top rope and hits a vertical superplex to bring Bandido back down and get a near fall. 
  • Cobb beals Bandido across the ring and begins to dominate the match. 
  • F5 by Cobb gets a near fall on Bandido. 
  • The crowd is really behind Bandido. 
  • Diving Tornado by Bandido caught by Cobb, Jeff goes for Tour of the Islands but Bandido turns it into a Tornado DDT. Cobb rolls to ringside. Bandido hits a flying huricanrana off the apron. Cobb looks to have hurt the shoulder that he separated at All In. 
  • Deadlift Piledriver by Cobb, near fall. Jeff pops up and hits a standing moonsault for another near fall. Crows standing ovation and more love for Bandido. 
  • Springboard flying Huricanrana by Bandido caught into Tour of the Islands for an amazing very close near fall, one of the best near falls of the year.
  • Pop-Up powerbomb by Cobb turned into a huricanrana by Bandido, great reversal. 
  • Strikes by Bandido but Cobb goes for Tour of the Islands, Bandido turns it into the Crucifix Bomb and gets another amazing near fall. The crowd is so invested. Now the crowd is showing love for Jeff. 
  • Amazing Springboard Bouncing German Suplex by Bandido with an amazing show of strength for another amazing near fall and another crowd explosion. 
  • Thudding chop by Cobb to get Bandido off, Jeff Cobb is acting a bit hurt and probably really is. 
  • Bandido and Cobb fighting on the top rope, Cobb knocks Bandido down and dives at him. Bandido catches it and hits his own Tour of the Islands for another great near fall and following crowd explosion. 
  • “Fight Forever” Chants and actually please do. 
  • More fighting while on the top rope, Cobb hits a super Tour of the Islands and follows it up with another one to win the 2018 BOLA.

Winner: Jeff Cobb WINS the Battle of Los Angeles in 2018 @23:52!

Rating: *****, The crowd energy was intense. The match started to seem like the men were wasted in the early stages and wiped out from the weekend. Shingo Takagi and Bandido tried to attack Cobb together and the early stretches were okay but as soon as Takagi left things got unglued. The crowd was hot for Bandido as he played the perfect babyface and as Cobb and Bandido traded big move after big move and put on an amazing in-ring match but the crowd made it something special. The explosions after each near fall were intense and going in I knew Cobb was going to win however this match made me forget that as I was rooting like crazy for Bandido. Jeff Cobb is an insanely great wrestler too and it takes 2 to tango and this was the tango to top them all. What a match and what a tournament, probably the greatest wrestling tournament of all time. 

Show Grade: A+, PWG had a bit of a down year this year so far with only Matt Riddle vs. Keith Lee from Neon Knights being a top tier match. I loved this show so much and it is probably the final to my favorite wrestling tournament of all time. PWG took big-name star power from people like Jeff Cobb, Walter, Shingo Takagi, Ilja Dragunov, and especially Bandido to boost and promote this show. The tournament was stacked from top to bottom with fantastic matches. It also helped the tournament tremendously that Bandido and Joey Janela had amazing showings at All In which reeled me into buying this show on DVD. Bandido and Joey Janela put on a 5-star classic on this show but somehow the main event completely overshadows it. Bandido is a maniac, he had 2 5-Star matches in the same fucking night!!! Not to mention the other amazing matches such as Shingo Takagi vs Robbie Eagles, Shingo Takagi vs. Walter, Bandido vs. Flamita, Rascalz vs. The Lucha Bros and The Consolation Tag Match. This all happened in one night. Other than maybe NXT Takeover NOLA and NJPW Dominion this is my favorite wrestling show of the year. This show is so much more impressive than Dominion and Takeover though because the same few wrestlers put on multiple instant classics in a single night. WHAT AN EVENT! If you haven’t heard of PWG or haven’t bought the DVD yet, go out of your way for this epic (despacito) night of professional wrestling. 

MOTN: Bandido vs. Jeff Cobb vs. Shingo Takagi







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