Progress Chapter 79: One Big Neck With Sausage Hands Review


Results + Star Ratings:

  • Jordan Devlin defeats Mark Andrews @11:17 ***1/2
  • Laura Dimatteo and Jinny defeats Nina Samuels and Charlie Morgan @9:20 **
  • Drew Parker vs. Jimmy Havoc Never Starts due to brawling before the bell
  • Jordynne Grace defeats Isla Dawn @8:03 ***1/4
  • Trent Seven defeats Kyle Fletcher to retain the Atlas Title @18:46 ****1/2
  • Anti-Fun Police defeat Team Tremendous @13:57 ***
  • Eddie Dennis defeats Mark Haskins @15:56 ***3/4

Jordan Devlin vs. Mark Andrews:

  • Crowd firmly behind the Finn Balor trainee Jordan Devlin.
  • Roll up battle between the two goes on for a bit and begins the momentum 2 minutes in and the 2 flip out to stare at each other. The match is on. 
  • Handshake but Devlin pulls Mandrews in and hits an uranage for a near fall, Devlin is a very solid heel. 
  • Devlin grabs in a Surfboard Lock and transitions it into a rollup for a near fall. 
  • Both are prominent in NXT UK.
  • Mandrews ducks under Devlin and hits a uranage, Mandrews goes for a springboard wheelbarrow but Jordan catches him with a German Suplex to stop the sequence of high flying moves. 
  • Wheelbarrow Facebuster hits by Andrews for a near fall. 
  • Northern Lights Suplex rolled into a Standing Moonsault by Mandrews but Devlin gets the knees up to evade it. 
  • Corkscrew Cutter by Devlin hits in the corner for another near fall. 
  • Stundog Millionaire into a Shooting Star Press attempt by Andrews but Devlin catches him on the top rope with an enzugiri, Mandrews hits a great avalanche frankensteiner for a great near fall. 
  • Superkick by Devlin followed up by a Saito Suplex goes for a near fall. Devlin finishes it with the Last Call Powerslam.

Winner: Jordan Devlin @11:17

Rating: ***1/2, This was a solid academic high-flying match between two men at the top of the UK game. Devlin is on a roll coming off his banger against Chris Ridgeway at Chapter 78 and is beginning to pick up major victories. Mandrews is on a downward spiral picking up loss after loss eventually leading to a breaking point storyline. The match itself here was nothing special but it was worked well and mixed technical and high-flying skills together decently well. 

Charlie Morgan and Nina Samuels vs. Laura Dimatteo and Jinny:

  • Most of Progress’ women’s division is wrapped up in this faction warfare feud that comes across as lazy booking. 
  • The match starts with a brawl. Jinny gets chucked into a pile of chairs from Morgan.
  • Running Huricanrana by Jinny takes Samuels down and follows it up with a corner dropkick for the first near fall.
  • Guillotine Choke by Jinny but Samuels deadlifts out into a vertical suplex to open up tags. 
  • Hot tag by Morgan. Swanton Bomb by Morgan for a near fall on Dimatteo. 
  • Tornado DDT by Dimatteo begins a sequence of big moves from all 4 ending with a Tilt-A-Whirl backbreaker by Samuels to Jinny and all are laid out. 
  • Double strikefest, DDT by Morgan on Dimatteo but Jinny makes a near fall save. 
  • Jinny makes a blind tag and hits a ripcord wheelbarrow kick to pin Samuels. 

Winners: Laura Dimatteo and Jinny @9:20

Rating: **, The lazy “lets put most of the women into one poorly booked feud” continues. This match wasn’t worked very cleanly and the faces didn’t put in a strong performance at all. The ending was awkward but the middle portion was okay and had a solid pace. Not much to say about this one, hopefully, Grace vs. Dawn delivers a good women’s wrestling match later in the show. 

Drew Parker vs. Jimmy Havoc:

  • Parker cost Jimmy Havoc a shot at the World Title at Chapter 78.
  • Acid Rainmaker by Havoc lays out Parker before the match even starts. 
  • Havoc grabs his ax but Spike Tremaine comes out to save Drew Parker. Chuck Mambo and William Eaver save Havoc from attack. Eaver takes out Havoc to turn heel. Chuck Mambo also turns heel by attacking Havoc and a 4-1 attack ensues. 
  • The match never starts.

Winner: Match Never Happens @0:00

Isla Dawn vs. Jordynne Grace:

  • Originally scheduled to be a Triple Threat with Millie Mackenzie but Mac is injured. 
  • Dawn keeps herself in control by continually kicking Grace down. Grace gets herself some space by hitting a Spinebuster.
  • Powerslam by Grace drops Dawn on her head and gets a near fall. 
  • Clothesline sequence by Grace but Dawn boots her off and hits a Saito suplex with a great show of strength.
  • Roll up sequence into a Half N Half suplex by Dawn for a near fall.
  • Double Knees in the corner followed up by a hard sliding elbow by Grace capped off with a Vader Bomb. Bearhug by Grace locked in and taps out Dawn.

Winner: Jordynne Grace @8:03 

Rating: ***1/4, A very good debut one-on-one in Progress for Grace and Dawn is intense and sells everything greatly like always. The match never really kicked into another gear but was a fun little women’s match that delivers something of note on a so far heavily lackluster show. The match was quick and not too much happened but it was fun while it lasted. 

Trent Seven Atlas Title Open Challenge:

  • Kyle Fletcher from Aussie Open is the challenger this time.
  • Mark Davis the other half of Aussie Open joins commentary.
  • Shoulder tackle sequence but Kyle Fletcher comes out on top.
  • Seven hits the Running Crossbody for a near fall calling back the move that retired Doug Williams in Wembley. 
  • Stiff chop by Seven makes Fletcher angry and he returns with a stiff chop of his own. Another hard chop by Seven and a final one by Seven knocks Kyle in the corner as Trent continues to strike away in the corner. Fletcher takes Seven down with a great springboard moonsault. 
  • Trent fake strikes out Kyle into a DDT and hits a series of moves into a Running Powerslam for a near fall. 
  • Figure 4 Leg Lock by Seven, Trent knocks him down with a chop. Kyle is nursing a knee injury coming into this match. Fletcher reverses the hold but Seven rolls the 2 to the ropes. 
  • Kyle and Trent fight on the apron, Seven hits a dragon suplex on the apron in a highlight spot.
  • Low Suicide Dive by Seven knocks Fletcher into chairs ringside, Fletcher runs back in the ring and dropkicks Seven off the apron. Tope Con Hiro off the top rope to ringside by Fletcher. “This is Progress” chants. 
  • German Suplex by Seven but Kyle runs and hits a Claymore Kick. Lawn Dart in the corner by Fletcher for a near fall.
  • Running Crossbody by Seven caught into a Michinoku Driver by Fletcher, a great spot for a near fall. 
  • Seven Starts Lariat by Trent for another near fall. Seven goes for the Burning Hammer but Fletcher takes out the injured leg of Seven to escape. Deadlift Sit-out Powerbomb by Fletcher goes for a great near fall. 
  • The 2 fight on the top rope, Insane super Dragon Suplex by Seven for an amazing near fall. 
  • Seven locks in a Figure 4 tapping out Kyle Fletcher. 

Winner: Trent Seven Retains @18:46!

Rating: ****1/2, This match spent almost the entire second half in top gear. These 2 pulled some insane tricks out of their sleeves and worked together very well. The Dragon Suplex off the top rope was crazy and Seven had his first legitimately challenging opponent 3 defenses in. The hard-hitting vs high-flying styles were present and these 2 turned a slow start into an incredible match. With NXT UK on the horizon, great Progress matches like these will become a rarity.

The Anti-Fun Police vs. Team Tremendous:

  • Team Tremendous is making their Progress debut. Dan Barry was in the really fun 10-man tag at PWG BOLA.
  • The huge Bill Carr and Santos stare down. Carr hits an insane huricanrana as a 300 pound plus dude flipping another 300 pounds plus dude.
  • Stiff chop in the corner by Carr, Santos walks it off but goes to hug his tag partner, no fun Dunne, who tags in. Carr chops Dunne in the corner and he screams and goes to tag in Santos who pulls out a finger gun, Barry takes the finger gun from Santos but Dunne comes back and takes the finger gun, Carr ends up with the finger gun and the referee takes it away. All 4 pul out finger guns, amazing comedy stuff. They “shoot” one of the crew members who sell like he died. 
  • Dan Barry hits a suicide dive taking out Santos ringside, Team Tremendous regroup ringside and big ass Santos hits a suicide dive taking them out. 
  • Sidewalk elbow by Anti-Fun Police gets a near fall on Barry. 
  • Carr comes in and throws Dunne around like a rag doll, Santos comes in but Carr catches him with a Deep Six.
  • Anti-Fun police regroup ringside, Barry hits a great tope con hiro. Carr hits a tope con hiro plancha wiping out the Police what a great move for a huge dude. 
  • Wheelbarrow kick by Santos knocks Carr ringside, Police work on Barry and Santos hits a Sit-out powerbomb but Carr rag dolls Dunne into the pin breaking it. 
  • Strikefest from all 4 ends with a stiff lariat by Carr taking out Santos. Carr catches Dunne mid-air with a jumping Deep Six. Amazing Doomsday Sliced Bread for a near fall save by Santos.
  • Big Ending by Santos takes out Carr, Santos catches Barry with a uranage, 619 by Dunne and a Wheelbarrow Codebreaker by the Police pin Barry. 

Winner: The Anti-Fun Police @13:57

Rating: ***, This match was really fun however the wrestling itself was weirdly worked and awkward at times. This was similar to the PWG 10-Man Tag which is one of the best tag matches this year, however, the only similarity was the comedy stuff and big men doing moves they shouldn’t be able to do the PWG match had a lot better in-ring work and was absolutely frantic in the closing stretches. This was a solid comedy match that dragged on too long. 

Eddie Dennis vs. Mark Haskins:

  • Both men have been on really good runs as of late, Haskins had a MOTY contender with Bate at Chapter 75, a great match with Riddle at Wembley and another great match against Walter at Chapter 78. Dennis beat Mandrews in a great TLC match as is the current #1 contender for the Progress title. 
  • Suicide Dive by Haskins knocks Dennis out ringside, Haskins follows it up with another suicide dive on the other side of the ring.
  • Running Leg Lariat by Haskins takes Dennis out who was set up on a chair ringside. 
  • Diving Double Stomp by Haskins misses, Uranage by Dennis lays out Mark. 
  • Dennis is working the neck of Haskins and maintains control in the middle portion of the match. 
  • Haskins tries to kick down the long legs of Dennis but hits a Dragon Screw Leg Whip to get back in the match. 
  • Crucifix Bomb into the corner by Dennis, Haskins fires back with a bicycle kicks but a stiff lariat by Dennis lays both out to end the mini-sequence. 
  • Strikefest, Dennis rolls up Haskins but Mark transitions into a Crossface, Dennis goes for the rope but Mark wrenches the hold. Eddie eventually grabs the rope.
  • Deadlift Deep Six by Dennis goes for a near fall. 
  • Crucifix bomb by Dennis gets rolled up by Haskins into a Landslide, great move sequence into a solid near fall. 
  • Deadlift Holding Superplex by Dennis into a successful Crucifix Bomb into the corner, Dennis hits a Next Stop Driver for an awesome near fall.
  • Sharpshooter by Haskins locked in, Dennis grabs the rope to escape. Haskins kicks Dennis and hits the Diving Double Stomp for a great near fall. 
  • Haskins goes for the Fujiwara but Dennis rolls it up to win. 

Winner: Eddie Dennis @15:56 

Rating: ***3/4, The match was a mediocre showcase of both men’s talents as they worked a pretty solid match together. The work was clean and the drama was high so there’s not much to complain about but this is yet another match on this show that hasn’t kicked into another gear. 

  • The newly formed faction of Chuck Mambo, William Eaver, Spike Tremaine, and Drew Parker attack both men after the match.

Travis Banks vs. David Starr:

  • The two brawl before the match, Banks cost Starr a match against Ilja Dragunov at Chapter 78.
  • Suicide dive by Starr wipes out Banks ringside. 
  • Banks fires back with a suicide dive of his own as the two continue to fight ringside. 
  • Travis Banks’ first Progress match since he lost the title to Walter a few months ago. 
  • Chopfest ringside ensues but Banks wins. Starr sets up back to back chairs. Banks hits a running PK off the apron so he can overhead suplex Starr through the set-up chairs. Great spot.
  • Strikefest in-ring gets intense with chops, Snapmare/PK combo by Starr takes Banks down but Travis fires back with a running knee to close the strike sequence. 
  • Snap German Suplex by Banks, near fall on the bridge. 
  • Stiff ass lariat by Starr knocks Banks out. 
  • Strikes from both men fire each other up, they both no sell german suplexes. They keep firing at each other but eventually both collapse to a standing ovation from the crowd. 
  • Rematch from PWG Neon Knights earlier this year which was a banger.
  • Shotgun dropkick by Banks into the corner, Travis hits a slingshot double stomp for a near fall. 
  • Banks locks in a sleeper, Starr plants Banks to escape and locks in a Crossface but Banks rolls him up to escape, Banks locks in his own crossface Starr deadlifts into a backbreaker to finally escape. 
  • Roll up sequence into a double stomp by Banks.
  • The 2 fight on the top rope but Starr falls, Diving Double stomp by Banks to the back of Starr for a near fall. 
  • Lariat by Starr catches Banks mid-air, Brainbuster over the knee by Starr for a near fall. 
  • Starr goes for his Han Stansen lariat but Banks catches him with an enzugiri to pick up an abrupt victory. 

Winner: Travis Banks @13:51

Rating: ****, Similar to their PWG encounter this match was a sprint with 2 men beating the crap out of each other. It was fun but not a Progress caliber main event and this show leaves me disappointed. 

Grade: C-

Last Word: This is my least favorite Progress show of the ones I’ve watched however Banks vs. Starr and Fletcher vs. Seven were quality. Progress has been on fire recently and takes a deserved break here, however, I believe NXT UK also plays a huge impact on this show being bad. WWE had picked up their biggest talents before this show leaving Progress in a moment of transition. It will be interesting to see how they write out the wrestlers leaving for the horrible big bad ‘E but Progress is currently in shambles but hopefully, Chapter 80 and 81 deliver next week. 





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