Progress Chapter 80: Gods and Monsters Review


Results + Star Ratings:

  • Paul Robinson defeats Chris Ridgeway @11:33 ***1/4
  • Drew Parker defeats Ligero @8:10 ***
  • Pete Dunne defeats Mark Andrews @6:02 ****1/2
  • Trent Seven defeats Dan Moloney to retain the Atlas Title @12:41 ***1/2
  • Eddie Dennis and Mark Haskins defeat Chuck Mambo and William Eaver via DQ @12:42 ***1/4
  • Ilja Dragunov defeats Tyler Bate @17:27 ****1/2
  • LAX defeat CCK to become the #1 Contenders to the Progress Tag Titles @28:00 ****3/4


Paul Robinson vs. Chris Ridgeway:

  • A match between 2 hard strikers.
  • Stiff front kick by Ridge knocks Robin down for the first time. 
  • STF locked in for Ridgeway, Robin gets the ropes to escape. 
  • Kick Battle from both men on the apron, Robin catches the leg and trips him out on the apron. 
  • Robin taunted but caught a buzzsaw kick to the head from Ridgeway. 
  • Robinson begins to work the leg of Ridgeway. 
  • Trading Kicks from both men to a great sequence, Robin goes for the leg of Ridgeway to end the sequence. 
  • Ridgeway starts to phase off kicks from Robinson and he catches him with a Dragon Screw Leg Whip to get back on top. Ridge hits a sequence of kicks to Robinson against the ropes. 
  • Curb-Stomp attempt by Robin is caught in mid-air with a German Suplex for the first near fall. 
  • Flying Spear by Robinson for a near fall. 
  • Robinson Special caught by Ridgeway into an ankle lock attempt but Robin catches him in a roll-up for a near fall. Robinson hits an enzugiri taking Ridge out for another near fall.
  • Brainbuster into a Falcon Arrow by Ridgeway, Chris locks in a Sleeper Hold but Ridgeway rolls him up for a near fall. 
  • Robinson Special misses again as Ridgeway kicks the back of Robin’s neck and both go down.
  • Robin grabs the chain from around his neck to distract the ref, Robin dropkicks Ridgeway into the ref to go and grab a bigger chain from ringside. With the referee down, Robin hits Ridge with the chain for the win. 

Winner: Paul Robinson @11:33

Rating: ***1/4, This was a very solid strike-off with some technical work of the leg thrown in there. Robinson had to throw in his normal heel shtick towards the end which was annoying but these 2 hit each other hard and fast for a little more than 10 minutes.


Drew Parker w/Spike Trivet vs. Ligero:

  • Drew and Spike are members of the new faction of undercard young guys who are taking over Progress. 
  • Spike Trivet does a pre-match promo saying the goal of his new faction is taking out the tired and washed up talent and blames the crowd for allowing those talents to be adored. This is an amazing promo.
  • Parker attacks Ligero early as Ligero goes to attack Spike. 
  • Ligero sends Parker to the outside taking out Spike, then Ligers hits a diving cannonball off the apron taking everyone out. 
  • Running superkick by Ligero ringside to Parker set up on a chair. 
  • Parker begins to dominate the match.
  • Ligero hits a comeback sequence capping it off with a Death Valley Driver/PK combo for the first near fall. 
  • Running Huricanrana ringside by Ligero ducking under Spike to hit Parker. 
  • Spike distracts Ligero on the top rope, Parker catches Ligero with a rolling elbow but Ligero fights back and starts an academic sequence into a springboard dropkick to Parker’s back. 
  • Sliced Bread by Ligero fails and Parker gets Ligero on the top rope, Ligero hits a Springboard Avalanche Huricanrna taking Ligero off the top. 
  • Big Move attempt sequence from both ends with a Cutter by Ligero.
  • Spike Trivet takes Parker out of the ring, Spike grabs onto the leg of Ligero so Parker can hit the Backseat Driver in ring for the close. 

Winner: Drew Parker @8:10

Rating: ***1/4, While the match itself, was nothing special and often had moments of silence where nothing was happening, this match was an important one. Parker’s faction is Progress’ answer to the WWE signings as they are a new guard of guys coming in to take over. The faction labeled Do Not Resuscitate made a huge statement in this match by looking dominant. This match starts a long stretch of DNR taking over. 


Pete Dunne vs. Mark Andrews:

  • A huge match that might be either man’s last appearance in Progress due to the inevitability of NXT UK.
  • Dunne pushes Mandrews down instead of taking a handshake. 
  • As soon as the bell rings, Mandrews knocks Dunne ringside and hits a Tope Con Hiro and a Huricanrana back-in ring for the first near fall. 
  • Match plays to a long history between these 2. 
  • German Suplex by Dunne gets a rough landing and he follows it up with an Explex Powerbomb for a near fall. A fast start to this match. 
  • Bitter End attempt by Dunne but Mandrews takes him over with a huricanrana.
  • Dunne tries to catch Mandrews with a Tombstone but Mandrews hits a tornado DDT out of it. 
  • Mandrews hits a Stundog Millionaire out of the Explex by Dunne.
  • Bitter End attempt by Dunne but Mandrews flies into a piledriver, great spot that takes both out.
  • Dunne catches Mandrews ringside and hits a Tombstone. Back in-ring, Dunne hits the Bitter End finally for a great near fall. 
  • In the first 3 minutes, this is already amazing. 
  • Dunne stomps on the neck on Mandrews but Andrews fires back up and hits Dunne with a series of chops, Dunne gets him down and does the finger break, Mandrews gets a Huricanrana roll up for a near fall. 
  • Insane Avalanche Huricanrana by Mandrews followed up by a failed shooting star attempt, Dunne hits 2 consecutive Tombstones for the win. 

Winner: Pete Dunne @6:02

Rating: ****1/2, HOLY SHIT! This was incredible, it was an insane match that didn’t need a long stretch of time to tell a story or pack in incredible spots. This was a sprint for the ages and one of the top Progress matches I’ve seen so far and it was a great surprise. It also gets added points for being really impressive that they worked at the pace they did for more than 5 minutes straight. The definition of all thriller, no filler. 

  • Do Not Resuscitate attacks Mandrews after the match but Mandrews and Dunne work together to take them out. 


Trent Seven Atlas Title Open Challenge:

  • Dan Moloney answers the Open Challenge, Who? Yeah, I don’t know either. He has wrestled for NXT UK though. Apparently, he’s also a close friend of British Strong Style.
  • Good comedy shoulder block sequence.
  • Stiff chops sent by both men start a chop off, Moloney wins the chop battle.
  • More chops turn Moloney’s chest red.
  • Snap Dragon Suplex/Landslide combo by Seven for the first near fall. 
  • Figure Four Leglock by Seven, Moloney grabs ropes by tweaking the knee of Seven.
  • Insane Inverted Suplex by Seven on the apron slams Moloney down hard. 
  • Super Exploder Suplex followed by a Ripcord Deep Six by Moloney gets a near fall. 
  • Powerbomb by Moloney for a near fall, Moloney follows it up with a Gutwrench Powerbomb for another near fall but Dan grabs in a Single Leg Boston Crab off the kickout, Seven grabs ropes.
  • Small Package by Seven for a near fall, Moloney also delivers a small package for a near fall. Strikes into a Seven Star Lariat/Piledriver combo by Seven for an amazing near fall. 
  • Burning Hammer by Seven to retain the title. 

Winner: Trent Seven Retains @12:41!

Rating: ***1/2, This was a really good big match wrestling encounter. Seven has been amazing as Atlas Champion and continues that with another good defense, Moloney also delivered a really good performance making believable near falls and delivering huge moves to precision. While not as good as Seven’s defense against Kyle Fletcher at the last Progress Chapter this goes up as one of Seven’s best title defenses.

Dtwl2fTXcAA89L1-e1544138837985Mark Haskins and Eddie Dennis vs Chuck Mambo and William Eaver of D.N.R:

  • Brawl outside of the ring before the match.
  • Double Yakuza Kicks by Dennis and Haskins to Eaver and Mambo set up on chairs ringside.
  • Air Raid Siren by Mambo to Dennis on the stage.
  • Haskins and Eaver get in the ring to start the match.
  • Eaver and Mambo isolate Haskins, Dennis is still laid out from the stage spot.
  • Eddie Dennis comes back to tag in and delivers a hot tag on Chuck Mambo and Eaver. Dennis picks up Eaver and Mambo simultaneously and hits a double fallaway slam. 
  • Great Superplex by Dennis to Mambo followed by a Jackknife powerbomb into the turnbuckles with a stiff lariat to cap off the combo for a near fall on Mambo.
  • Suicide Dives by Haskins wipe out Eaver and Mambo on different sides of the ring, 
  • Haskins rolls Mambo into a Landslide for a near fall, Mark grabs the arm off the kickout in a Fujiwara but Eaver breaks it up.
  • Next Stop Driver attempt by Dennis is rolled up by Mambo for a near fall.
  • Superkick by Mambo to Dennis saves Eaver from a Next Stop Driver, Haskins saves the pin on Dennis.
  • Meteora by Mambo gets a near fall on Dennis.
  • Vicky Haskins grabs the leg of Eaver, Mark Haskins locks in a Sharpshooter, Dennis locks in a Bow and Arrow on Mambo for a Double Submission spot but Drew Parker comes in to attack and end the match via DQ.

Winners: Do Not Resuscitate @12:42!

Rating: ***1/4, This was a very solid fast-paced tag match for the exception of the isolation bit on Haskins but DNR is a very good faction and got more TV time here. Haskins and Dennis worked very well together and the beginning brawl was decently fun. 

  • Mark Andrews comes out to save Dennis and Haskins from DNR but leaves immediately after he saves them from attack because of the sore history he has with Eddie Dennis.

Dtg6L9lWsAEtl0w-e1544138922273Tyler Bate vs. Ilja Dragunov:

  • Very Technical beginning to the match.
  • Monkey Flip in the corner by Bate begins the match’s momentum.
  • Discus Chop/Jumping Senton combo by Dragunov for the first near fall. 
  • Ilja starts to dominate the match with strikes keeping Bate down, Tyler begins to be unphased by strikes and punches Dragunov into the corner. Bate flies at Ilja with a European uppercut to get back in the match.
  • Vertical Suplex Bridge by Bate for a near fall. 
  • Rebound Lariat by Dragunov caught by Bate but Ilja rolls Bate over and hits a Blue Thunder Bomb, Ilja gets a near fall on Bate. 
  • Diving Senton by Ilja misses, Bate hits the Airplane Spin for so long that it makes me dizzy then turns and spins the other way, Ilja sells it amazingly by trying to strike the air once he escapes.
  • Great Torpedo Suicide Dive by Dragunov, Ilja hits a back senton to Bate on a row of chairs.
  • Superplex by Bate into a Small Package for a good near fall. Both men are laid out as the crowd chants “This is Progress”
  • Strikefest but Ilja begins to get the upper hand sending the strikes rapid fire but Bate hits an Exploder Suplex but Dragunov kips up and hits a Saito Suplex. Both men fire up and begin to lariat the hell out of each other. Both men go to hit a rebound lariat and hit each other on the way back, amazing spot to end a great sequence. 
  • Bate catches Dragunov with another Exploder and follows it up with a Standing Shooting Star, Dragunov kicks out at 1 and hits a Death Valley Driver into the corner and hits a Coast to Coast for a near fall. 
  • Torpedo Moscow attempt caught into a Wheelbarrow kick by Bate. 
  • Bate goes for the Tyler Driver 97 but Dragunov escapes and hits the Torpedo Moscow for the win.

Winner: Ilja Dragunov @17:27!

Rating: ****1/2, This was another great match for both men in 2018 and Dragunov continues to show his greatness on a larger scale. Their styles mixed perfectly as both are insanely athletic and energetic wrestlers and they often worked the match into amazing mixes of speed and technical wrestling. The double rebound lariat spot was amazing and they worked at an incredible pace. The ending was abrupt but it worked to protect Tyler Bate but also allow Dragunov to pick up the win as he settles into becoming a Progress mainstay.

DtHW4ayWkAEPAJM-e1544138896276CCK (Chris Brookes and Jonathan Gresham)vs. LAX (Santana and Ortiz):

  • A rematch of a very good tag match that these teams had on the Progress America Tour. 
  • Winner faces Aussie Open for the Tag Titles at Chapter 81.
  • Jonathan Gresham and Ortiz start the match.
  • Everybody including the referee brings it around town with their hips to huge pops from the crowd, Jonathan Gresham brings in his signature stapler and acts like it brings it around too. I love silly wrestling.
  • Santana flips off Ortiz to moonsault on Gresham, solid spot. 
  • Funky Monkey by Ortiz on Brookes for the first near fall.
  • Jonathan Gresham catches Ortiz mid-air with a German Suplex. 
  • CCK isolates Ortiz and works on his arm. Great Spinebuster by Ortiz knocks Gresham off and opens tags, Santana and Brookes come in. Great Hot Tag by Santana.
  • Lionsault/Leg Drop combo by LAX to Gresham for a near fall.
  • Running Corner Lariats by Gresham for a comedically long time, Santana sends Gresham into the post. 
  • Ortiz rolls Santana through to add momentum to a superkick on Brookes, great tag team sequence into a near fall save by Gresham. 
  • Missile Dropkick by Brookes over Santana hits Ortiz then collapses on Santana, great innovation. 
  • Springboard Moonsault by Gresham, Gresham rolls into an ankle lock on Ortiz but decides to hit a German Suplex Bridge for a near fall.
  • Great Springboard Cutter by Brookes on Ortiz, Gresham hits a 450 Headbutt on Ortiz, Santana comes in to save the match.
  • Gresham hits a Shooting Star Press on Ortiz, Santana sends Brookes into Gresham to save the match. 
  • Octopus Stretch attempt by Jonathan Gresham on Ortiz, Brookes grabs Santana in an Octopus lock and Gresham’s attempt becomes successful. Double Octopus Lock is stopped by Santana who powers up Brookes and throws him into Gresham. 
  • Strikefest between Santana and Brookes, Santana decks Brookes. Gresham comes into strikefest with Santana, Gresham wins. Ortiz and Gresham strikefest, Ortiz decks Gresham. All 4 strike off at the same time, the strikes become intense and everyone gets knocked down. Gresham goes low on Ortiz. LAX hit a leg drop/backbreaker combo on Gresham and a superkick/cutter combo on Brookes, Gresham comes in for the near fall save. Great sequence. 
  • Gresham and Santana strike off, Santana wipes out Gresham but Gresham fires up and hits an enzugiri/German Suplex combo. Gresham gets a near fall after Brookes takes out Ortiz, Gresham gets back on top and hits a forearm on Santana for another near fall. 
  • Snap German followed by a huge forearm by Gresham takes out Santana, near fall save by Ortiz. 
  • Rollins Assisted Cutter by CCK into a Praying Mantis Bomb with a superkick by Gresham for an amazing near fall save by Ortiz. Gresham and Brookes sell the near fall with great facial expressions.
  • Springboard Moonsault/Suicide Cannonball combo by Gresham. Brookes hits a springboard cutter followed by a Shooting Star Press by Gresham but Santana gets his knees up. Powerbomb on the apron by Ortiz to Brookes. Alley Oop Bomb/Powerbomb combo by LAX followed up by a Shooting Star Press by Santana, Brookes Frog Splashes in to make the save. 
  • Burning Hammer by Ortiz to Brookes, LAX both pin on Gresham for a great near fall. 
  • Amazing Powerbomb/Blockbuster combo by LAX puts away Gresham.

Winners: LAX #1 Contenders @28:01!

Rating: ****3/4, This was the definition of insane. These guys defined what you could do in a wrestling ring in a tag match without any added stipulations. These guys innovated like they were in PWG but added a bit of technical smarts and great high-flying. Both teams were at the peak of their game here and worked each other to perfection. This is one of the best tag team matches of 2018 and it’s a bit unfortunate that I waited until 2019 to watch it because I believe this is a legitimate MOTY Contender. I’m really excited to see LAX vs. Aussie Open on the next Progress Chapter. 

Show Grade: B+

Grade: There were 3 very good matches in Mandrews vs. Dunne, Bate vs. Dragunov, and LAX vs. CCK but the rest of the card was lukewarm making the show feel hard to get through, however. Each of those 3 matches are bangers especially CCK vs. LAX. This isn’t Progress’ best chapter but it delivers some very good entertainment and a fantastic main event as Progress is beginning to turn the page from the wrestlers who are signing to the WWE with most of them eating losses tonight like Tyler Bate and Ligero. Based off of this show, Progress looks like it’s future is in great hands. 


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